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fleshlight launch stamina pack

You may find it hard to forget you’re masturbating when you have to hold onto something. Assuming you’re manipulating a fleshlight, your penis, or a vibrating pocket pussy—you’re still working.

Hands-free masturbation enables you to focus wholly on sensations. In this review, I’ll share why the Fleshlight Launch Stamina Pack is the best hands-free fleshlight. You’ll learn why this comprehensive package could tempt multiple users.

The Fleshlight Launch is a joint effort from Fleshlight and Kiiroo. Kiiroo is responsible for the innovative technology, and Fleshlight provided the orgasmic SuperSkin sleeve texture.

This all-inclusive pack comes with the Stamina Training Unit (STU) fleshlight. You’ll have everything you need out of the box to get started.

Without further ado, let’s get into it. If you’re anything like me, the possibility of being able to lay back and enjoy the journey to climax is one you’re eager to try.

Why Should You Buy Fleshlight Launch?

This, one of the best male masturbators in my opinion, is priced at $249.95. Yes, I hear you—that’s a pretty penny to pay for a masturbation device, even an automated one.

Before you start searching for cheaper alternatives, take a moment. Read up on why the Fleshlight Launch Stamina Pack warrants your consideration:

Extreme Stamina Training 

I have a comprehensive review of the Stamina Training Unit (STU) here. To sum it up, this deeply stimulating sleeve is as pleasurable as it is practical. 

The STU is designed to test your sexual endurance and enhance it. There’s even an e-book full of exercises to practice to keep you disciplined and progress. 

It’s a challenge to use in the most delightful sense of the word. You’ll have to fight not to surrender to the sensory bliss it provides.

Don’t believe me? There are countless testimonials from users who praise this sleeve.

Repeatedly using it should take your staying power during sex to new heights. Using it in conjunction with the Launch will push you to your limits. 

You’ll be adding the element of automation to the irresistible grip of the STU. This is the only type of training session that will always end with an orgasm

If you learn to resist the two together, you’ll be set in terms of stamina. Once you’ve reached this level, you can rest assured you’ll last all night long. 

Interactive Content to Explore

Nowadays, we expect our high-tech sex toys to be capable of more. This fleshlight doesn’t let you down: there’s lots of interactive content to explore.

Setting yourself up on the FeelMe application will give you access to encoded content. You’ll be able to experience “sex” with real women, including popular adult entertainers.

Users fortunate enough to have virtual reality glasses can use them. There’s VR-compatible content available too.

What about connecting to other people for users craving more? There are live cam partners ready to take charge of the Fleshlight Launch on your behalf.

If your long-distance partner has a compatible device, you can pair the Launch with it. You’ll be putting an erotic twist on mutual masturbation. 

Whatever option you peruse, remember that this is one of the best hands-free fleshlight we’re talking about. Not only will you not have to hold it, but you won’t even have to control it if you don’t want—let someone else take over. 

The Launch Works With Other Fleshlights

Let’s say that you find out the STU is too much for you. Admittedly, it can be aggravating to have every session finish before you want it to.

Some men might not be interested in sexual powers training and grow bored with the sleeve. If you fall into this category, you don’t have to give up on the Fleshlight Launch. 

Nearly any other available standard-sized fleshlight will fit into it. The caveat is that the product has to be a Fleshlight original: not a third-party knock-off.

How Does Fleshlight Launch Feel?

There’s plenty to anticipate when you first try out the best hands-free male masturbators. I’ll start with the sleeve itself and move on to the tech part afterward.


With a name like the Stamina Training Unit, you can expect good things. Patented Fleshlight SuperSkin is supple, stretchy, and soft.

The entry of the STU is a vagina made of the same material. It’s detailed enough to look credible and will yield around the head of your penis realistically. 

The small bumps in the canal are invigoratingly stimulating. Bear in mind that this is an understatement—you might blow less than a minute after slipping inside it.

Lubed up and warmed up, the STU should feel like a very real hands free masturbation toy. Part of this sleeve’s appeal is that it prepares you to control yourself during sex. 


Along with the hands-free masturbation device, the Fleshlight STU comes with a case. You can twist the end cap to adjust how tightly you want the canal to grip you.

The tighter you go, the more intense the stimulation will be. You may want to be gentle when playing with the suction at first. The STU is plenty to resist by itself—we haven’t even gotten to the Launch features yet. 


Many of you are likely wondering about the STU’s texture. What else is there besides bumps: what makes it so powerful?

The whole canal is the same: small bumps and nothing more. You’ll get a brief, smooth squeeze when you enter the STU—otherwise, it’s a bumpy ride the whole way.

When lubed up, this canal is intoxicatingly, bracingly stimulating. It’s a good thing that the Fleshlight Launch is hands-free masturbation tool. You’ll be grabbing onto whatever is closest when it brings the STU to life around your penis.

How Many Different Settings Are There?

Your Launch can be used manually (offline) or interactively (online). There are a plethora of opportunities to go on orgasm-sprees in both: 

Manual Mode

Don’t misinterpret the name: the Launch will still be a hands-free device. Manual mode is for when you wish to enjoy the device alone, without any interactive content.

You can decrease or increase stroke speed and stroke length too. It can offer up to 180 strokes per minute—if you can last that long in the STU.

Strokes are controlled through touchpads on either side of the device. Right is for length, and left is for speed. 

These two facets let you get the most out of the STU or sleeve of your choice. You can focus the strokes towards the base of your shaft or up until your head. 

Luxuriate in the sensations by slowing down the strokes. Pick up the pace when you feel like you’re ready to let yourself explode. 

Interactive Mode

You have four worlds to interface in with your hands-free fleshlight:

Feel Your Lover

Why interact with strangers when you can use the Launch with your significant other? Buy your partner the Pearl vibrator by Kiiroo for sex play at a distance.

You can control the sensations on each other’s toys. This could also entice kinky couples who want to try something sensual and interesting together.

Feel Videos

The FeelMe website has an abundance of encoded content for you to watch. You’ll be observing from the POV of the male star—and feeling the same things too.

Your Launch will sync up to the video you’re watching. You’ll be stroked in sync to the movements of the woman onscreen. 

There are many videos and girls to choose from. That includes famous beauties like Riley Reid and Abella Danger. 

Feel Virtual Reality

The content on FeelMe includes VR-compatible videos. They’re filmed with 3D stereoscopic angles at 180 degrees for high realism.

Once you put your VR glasses on and set up your Launch, you’ll be transported. It will be as if you’re in action with your favorite star. 

This may encourage some of you to invest in VR glasses alongside this Fleshlight Launch. 

Feel Webcam Models

Are you a fan of cam girls? With the Launch, the girl you’re watching will be able to reach out and touch you…by way of your fleshlight

You can choose between popular cam sites like Cam4, Flirt4Free, and X-Cams. There’s a whole wall of girls waiting to play with you—literally.

Fleshlight Launch And Orgasms

The  Fleshlight STU alone as a sleeve is adept at delivering orgasms. When you put it inside the Launch on manual mode, you get hands-free customized pleasure on top of that.

Now, take into account all of the interactive choices you have with the Launch. Involve your partner, a sexy cam girl, or have VR sex with the porn stars you adore. You won’t only be watching porn, you’ll be feeling it too—a dream come true.

Whether you stick with the STU or switch to another fleshlight, you’re guaranteed fierce orgasms.

Usage and Charging Time

Wondering how long the Launch will last for? Here are all the battery-related facts:

  • Battery Life: 2 hours.
  • Charging Time: 6 to 9 hours.
  • Standby: N/A.

Testimonials for the Fleshlight Launch Stamina Pack

Users have lots of good things to say about this best hands-free fleshlight. Read the testimonials for yourself:

Pros and Cons

The Fleshlight Launch Stamina Pack is almost everything you could want in a hands-free fleshlight. I’ve listed all the pros (and the Launch’s one con) below: 


  • Use almost any other Fleshlight product with the Launch.
  • Bountiful interactive content, including virtual reality.
  • Control stroke speed and length to your desires in manual mode.


  • Takes a long time to charge.

Where Can You Buy Fleshlight Launch Stamina Pack?

Buy the Fleshlight Launch Stamina Pack on the official Kiiroo website.

Order Details 

Do you have privacy concerns about packaging? Perhaps you’re curious about shipping? I’ll reveal all the essential order details:

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Shipping times are dependent on your location for both Kiiroo and Fleshlight.

Is Packaging Discreet?

Fleshlight will send you a plain box labeled “ILF, LLC.” Kiiroo sends this hands-free fleshlight out the same way, except the box will reveal the shipper as Kiiroo.

Unless your neighbors have also ordered sex toys, it’s unlikely the name will be associated with anything unseemly. 

Return Policy 

An unopened box can be shipped back to Kiiroo at your expense. They’ll refund you—partially, not fully.

Fleshlight will also accept an unopened box as a return. Other than that, you’ll only be able to return your hands-free fleshlight if it comes to you defective. You’ll need to notify Fleshlight within 90 days of purchase if this happens. 

How Does Fleshlight Launch Compare to Other Masturbators?

What are other marvels of masturbation technology on the market? You need to be informed before you invest. Discover the best features of these two devices:

Quickshot Fleshlight Launch

  • Operational while plugged in if you can’t wait for it to charge.
  • Precision controls.
  • Universal smartphone mount.

Fleshlight Launch Stamina Pack

Onyx 2

  • Syncs up to other sex toys.
  • Milking contractions for men who love to feel squeezed.
  • Lots of interactive content.

Quickshot Launch

Final Verdict and Recommendation 

My final recommendation is in favor of the Fleshlight Launch Stamina Pack. Men of all tastes and kinks can profit from this versatile hands-free fleshlight.

It’s a great starter kit for users who don’t own fleshlights but are looking to start a collection. Any standard-sized fleshlight you buy will work with the Launch.

Those of you with VR glasses can experiment with virtual reality videos. No glasses? Watch encoded content instead.

Men who lust over cam girls can find one on the FeelMe website. Let your cam companion bring you to orgasm by controlling your Launch.

What if you want to do nothing more than work on your staying power with the STU? Push yourself further with manual mode—remember, the Launch works offline too.


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