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fleshlight stamina training unit

I’ve chosen the Stamina Training Unit for this fleshlight sleeve review. The STU ticks off all the boxes to qualify as the top choice.

For one, it appeals to a wide variety of users. Are you looking to noticeably improve or test your stamina from the comfort of your own home? The STU can help.

What if you want a decent fleshlight sleeve for powerful climaxes? This model won’t let you down if pleasure is all you’re after.

I’ll share all the explicit details about how this sleeve will stimulate you. You’ll learn all the ins and outs (literally) about the STU.

Why Should You Buy the Stamina Training Unit (STU)?

Asserting that the STU is one the best fleshlight sleeve is a bold claim—I understand that. Priced at $69.95 with a patented gold case, here are the top reasons why this fleshlight stands out:

Bound to Boost Your Staying Power

The whole purpose of the STU is—as the name implies—to enhance your stamina. Those of you who have experienced multi-textured sleeves may be somewhat skeptical.

To be honest STU sleeve isn’t particularly impressive to look at. The inner canal has no chambers and no protrusions other than small bumps.

The designers of the Stamina Training Unit know what they’re doing. The deceptively simple build will have you shooting into it as if you’ve never masturbated before.

You might think you’re indefatigable when it comes to penetration. There’s no sleeve too stimulating, no woman too sexy for you to succumb to. Your first attempt at the STU will probably prove you wrong.

Remember not to take it to heart if you surrender to the sensation quickly. This fleshlight sleeve is made to push you to your limits.

If you feel your staying power has room for improvement, the STU is an ideal way to practice. Learning to resist the sensational feelings will prepare you for the real thing.

There’s a handy e-book that accompanies the STU to help you achieve your goal. It’s packed with training exercises you can repeat as often as you’d like.

Highly Stimulating Without Being Overwhelmingly Textured

With fleshlights, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. Textures that feel delightful around you at first can turn painful after repeated contact.

Some sleeves may feel great to thrust into, but overwhelming when you pull out. The STU’s uniform bumps caress your full length no matter which direction you’re going.

This even, continuous stimulation is why it’s one of the best fleshlight sleeve for stamina training. It’s relentless—the sensation doesn’t ease up.

At the same time, the bumps are a safe bet for men with more sensitive penises. Textures that are square or triangular (e.g., fangs) can be excessive.

Men who are less sensitive can augment the sensation by tightening the end cap. The greater the suction, the tighter those thrilling bumps will massage your penis.

There’s another advantage to a single-textured sleeve. Regardless of how long your penis is, you’re certain to experience everything the sleeve has to offer. There aren’t any chambers that are out of your reach.

Addictively Orgasmic

You may want to set aside a good chunk of time the day the STU is due to arrive. That advice applies to both fleshlight novices and users with an established collection.

The fiercely intense climaxes the STU provokes can become habit-forming. You may find yourself finishing into it more than once before you’re ready to put it away.

Users who want a sleeve to enhance solo masturbation will relish using the STU. Even if you’re not interested in training with it, you can still tease yourself by trying to resist orgasm.

Those of you aiming to heighten your stamina are free to take a break every so often too. You don’t have to fight against surrendering to this magnificent fleshlight sleeve every session.

How Does the Stamina Training Unit (STU) Feel?

Let’s get up close and intimate with this fleshlight sleeve. Discover precisely what you’ll experience after you lube it up and slide into the STU.


I’ve established that the STU is anything but unremarkable when it comes to sensation. The intensity of the bumpy canal around your penis is exhilarating, to say the least.

The sleeve is constructed wholly from Fleshlight’s trademarked Super Skin. The stretchy vaginal entry will yield around the head of your penis like real flesh.

Although the canal itself looks nothing like the interior of a vagina, it still has a realistic skin-like feel to it. If you take the time to warm it up beforehand, you can amplify the realism.


The STU fleshlight sleeve comes with a case included. You can modify how tight the STU will hold onto you by twisting the end cap.

If your first try with the STU had you ejaculating in less than a minute, you might want to ease off on the suction. At least, until you get used to it and level up with your training.


The inside of this fleshlight sleeve consists of rounded, raised bumps preceded by a tight, smooth entry.

The entrance of the STU is a brief and gentle introduction of what’s to come. You may not even feel it if you push your penis into the hilt straight away.

Other than that, there’s no change in width or overall tightness. The canal will grasp your penis evenly, pressing every bump firmly into your head and shaft.

There’s no escaping the stimulation unless you pull out completely. The exquisite pressure doesn’t relent whether you’re stroking upwards or downwards.

Whether or not you feel individual bumps depends on your sensitivity. Some men might feel only delicious friction, whereas others may be able to sense the bumps themselves.

How Well Does the Stamina Training Unit (STU) Deliver Orgasms?

The STU delivers swift, strong orgasms effortlessly. This is the primary reason why it suits for nearly every user.

Whatever your stamina situation is, we can all appreciate a good climax. If using your hand or other sleeves has started to bore you, the STU will spice things up.

The only complaint users could have is that the STU is too effective at what it does. If you anticipate long, drawn-out masturbation sessions, this sleeve will likely cut them short.

What If You Rotate the Stamina Training Unit (STU) During Use?

You may be wondering what difference rotation could make with such a simplistic texture. The simple answer is quite a lot.

Rotating the STU is distinct from typical vertical strokes. All those bumps swirling around your shaft and head horizontally is uniquely invigorating.

For some men, rotation alone may be enough to reach orgasm, especially for users who are still acclimating to STU sleeve’s intensity.

Using the Stamina Training Unit (STU) With the Vstroker

The Vstroker is an accessory that adds the element of virtual reality to watching porn. It takes you from a mere spectator to a participant in enabled videos.

All you do is hook up the Vstroker to your computer and set it up with the STU. You’ll have the star of your choice laid out in front of you onscreen from the male star’s POV.

Your partner of choice will respond to your thrusts: you can’t get more real than that.

If you add the Vstroker into the mix, any tolerance you built up to the STU may disappear. The sensations it provides are already intense by itself.

Watching your favorite porn star moan as you pump into this sleeve is a different story. In terms of stamina training, that’s like switching from light dumbbells to 50-pound weights.

Testimonials for the Stamina Training Unit (STU)

I’ll have someone else testify as to why the STU is worth every penny. These are what owners of the Stamina Training Unit have to say:

Pros and Cons

No fleshlight is perfect for each and every user, and that includes the Stamina Training Unit Sleeve. I’ve summed up the STU’s pros and cons below:


  • Guaranteed to improve your stamina with regular training.
  • Mind-blowing sensation that isn’t overwhelming.
  • Change or intensify sensations by tightening or rotating it.


  • Texture may become boring for less-sensitive users with frequent use.

Where Can You Buy the Stamina Training Unit (STU)?

The Stamina Training Unit (STU) is available on the official Fleshlight website.

Order Details

You’ve taken the decision to buy this lovely fleshlight sleeve: the STU. Learn how and when it will arrive and what happens if you want to return it:

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Shipping time is dependent on your location. You’ll receive a tracking number from Fleshlight to count down the days until your fleshlight sleeve arrives.

Is Packaging Discreet?

You couldn’t ask for a more discreet package. The STU will come in a cardboard box with no indication of what it is. The label will read “ILF, LLC”—that’s as unambiguous as it gets.

Return Policy

If STU fleshlight sleeve arrives defective, contact Fleshlight customer service within 90 days.

Returns aren’t accepted for personal reasons. You can return your STU as it is only if you haven’t opened the package.

How Does the Stamina Training Unit (STU) Compare to Other Fleshlights?

STU fleshlight sleeve has a few worthy contenders for the title. In case you’re curious, these are their top features:

Mini Lotus

  • Deep depth of 9 inches.
  • Canal replicates the widening and narrowing sensations of vaginal penetration.
  • Moderately intense texture.


Stoya Destroya

  • Varied textures and chambers.
  • Extremely stimulating.
  • Entry is a replica of adult entertainer Stoya’s vagina.

stoya destroya fleshlight

Heavenly Pink Sleeve

  • Thrillingly tight and unyielding.
  • Varying pressure intensity throughout the sleeve.
  • Multiple textures for a diverse stimulation experience.

fleshlight heavenly pink sleeve

Final Verdict and Recommendation

My final verdict is that the STU is worth its name. Users of any level of experience can indulge themselves in this exceptionally stimulating model.

You can train yourself with it to overcome premature ejaculation. It’s reliable if you need a fast release with little effort.

Switching up the suction and rotating it will keep you entertained for a long time to come. There’s a lot to explore with the Stamina Training Unit.

Unlike other sleeves, men of all penis sizes can fully acquaint themselves with it. There are no secret chambers at the end of it that may be unreachable for shorter lengths.


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