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Sex toys and vibrators in particular have come a long way since their intended purpose back in the 1800s. From the big back-massager-like wands and the tiniest little lipstick bullets to the G-spot finders and the classic rabbits, there’s a vibrator out there for everyone.

While customer reviews differ depending on the product, there seems to be a craze for a beautiful rose, which was started by TikTok users. With a design that is the first of its kind, the clitoris sucker took social media by storm. If you’ve recently scrolled through any thread on Twitter, snooped through posts on Facebook, or even scoured random adult websites in the United Kingdom, you will have witnessed the newest wonder of the world, known as the rose vibrator.

With reviews ranging from ‘absolutely insane’ and ‘the perfect gift to myself’, to ‘my new favorite toy’ and ‘the amazing vibrator for women that’s the next best thing since a good shower head’ – plenty of good things have been written about the rose.

If you’re new to the adult toy business, this would understandably pique your interest. For veterans that have reviewed sex toys throughout the years by going on their orgasm experiences alone, this seemed to have proven both a challenge and a test.

As a reviewer, my job is to search for the right sellers, take in helpful tips from other customers, and look into different reviews before I throw money at the laptop on the first ‘rose sale’ site.

This review will focus on the basics of the rose – and what kind of options there are out there from different manufacturers for purchase.

What is the Rose Vibrator?

To put it simply, it’s a clitoral stimulating vibrator that’s shaped like a rose.

Depending on the company, manufacturers, or person that designed it, it comes with different speeds, vibration settings, and features. However, it boils down to giving oral pleasure to the person playing with it. It’s part of the ‘sucking vibrator’ family tree – the members of which aim to recreate the sensation of getting head without the need for the other person.

Instead of producing just vibrations, as any other vibrator would, the rose ‘attaches’ onto the clit to mimic oral sex pleasure – hence the ‘clit sucker’ marketing campaign.

While there’s no ‘right’ way to use the toy, there is a learning curve. Dual-ended vibrators aren’t the one-click, place-and-buzz vibrators that typically come with bullets or even rabbits. Aside from placing the rose correctly, so your private parts are both comfortable and pleasured, there’s also the question of sensation, which feels different than a regular vibrator.

This is a powerful toy that without a doubt should be given the time and attention it deserves.

Sex Toys With Options: The 10-Suction Option Massager

As a shop, Etsy has a wide range of options for those wanting to partake in some gentle bean flicking. When it comes to the rose, TheMePerspective offers a pretty powerful-looking product.

Not only does it have its distinguishable appearance, but it also packs a punch with just 2.5 inches. With a rotating airflow generated by internal vibrations, this product is perfect for anyone looking to orgasm in a few short rounds. At the same time, it’s also a great option for a long tease due to the ten different suction settings that can be tinkered with for a full-on oral experience.

Material-wise, like most other sex toys on the market, it’s made from silky smooth silicone. Specifically, medical-grade silicone, which is also odorless and great for those that have more sensitive skin.

Additionally, this silky-touch clit sucker is rechargeable, enabling sexy solo fun for up to 2 hours when fully charged. Because of how discreet it looks and how small it is, it’s travel-friendly and helpful in times of dire need for a release.

Moreover, it’s an affordable addition to your vibrating tool kit for just $35!

The Ultimate Adult Sex Toy: The Discreet Vibrating Stem Butterfly Tickler

The Let’s Get Weird Store offers plenty of rose vibrator variations. With a mouthful for a name and so many good things to claim, this tickler sure tickled my fancy from the get-go. Its combination of pretty pink and gold already makes it look like a piece of decoration for your bedroom. I can’t deny the gorgeous appearance of the butterfly at the stem of the toy either!

However, it’s not all about looks. This tickler comes with 7 sucking frequencies, all generated through an internal vibration sequence aimed at giving full sexy satisfaction. It’s fairly easy to switch between the different speeds with a single button, so suction at your own risk. This little toy also has a vibrating stem, so placing it on one area can provide extra satisfaction to another if you’ve picked the right spot.

On top of that, it has an equipped USB charger base that helps it go on for as much as 2 hours without the need to recharge.

This sucking vibrator is also made from silicone, which keeps the most sensitive parts safe and comfortable.

Price-wise, it comes at $45.

Glass or Medical Grade Silicone? Both: The Tongue Sucking Rose Vibrator

For most women, even statistically, sexual pleasure comes down to the flick of a tongue. As the name suggests, this sex toy is all about the tickling pleasures of some licking action. The Let’s Get Weird Store offers another set of delights up for purchase, one that captures the charming look of the flower in different colors, materials, and sizes.

To start off, they are all designed to provide more comfort to their users, so the material in question – be it silicone or glass – is always crafted with convenience and satisfaction in mind. The reviews of these toys vary, as they are all different in appearance and power. However, the average customer review is 5 stars, which is exceptional considering the market reach and popularity.

The internal vibration sucks the clitoris, giving it that full-body vibration with all of their products. The mini and full-size versions vary in vibrating configurations, but none go below 7 or above 10 with their speed settings.

Moreover, there are two types of roses available – the glass and silicone variants. Both are easy to clean, elegant, and safe to use.

Prices vary, but the mini options start at $17, with the full-sized silicone and glass options ranging from $27 to $49.

Need to Pinpoint? 2-in-1 G-Spot Vibrator!

If you’re someone who needs more than a tongue to get off, then choosing the 2-in-1 option with Adorime’s sex toys may be the thing for you. As usual, the product is shaped like a rose, with the stem extending into a little ball whose intended purpose is reaching the G-spot, while the flower does the rest of the work on the clitoris.

Aside from its stellar design, it has 10 vibration modes and 2 motors. The two motors control both terminals separately, meaning that you can switch up the speed of either end individually.

As with most other toys of its kind, the 2-in-1 G-spot vibrator is made from skin-friendly silicone that is safe to use on the body. It also gets bonus points for being waterproof. Watering your garden has never been easier!

Finally, it’s been intentionally made for low power consumption and its use time is almost the same as its charging time. Every 70 minutes of charging equals about 75 minutes of vibrations.

When it comes to affordability, it ranks high at just $30!

Need Oral Sex In a Box? The Licking Vibrator!

Last but not least on the Let’s Get Weird Store’s collection of rose vibrators is the Licking Vibrator. Aside from the very pretty palette of four colors it comes with, it’s also a 3-in-1 toy. The design of the vibrator makes it so that people who are looking for an oral experience can get their money’s worth from versatility alone.

While it’s marketed as just a clit sucker, according to the website and customer reviews it also works as a decent nipple massager. What’s more, because of how small and bulgy it is, it can be used for insertion as well, though some caution is advised when doing so.

It carries 10 frequencies, all attached to one large motor that powers the entire bulb by itself. This means stimulation comes from the entirety of the toy, so it’s perfect for those who want equal distribution of satisfaction. Moreover, it’s crafted with sound volume in mind, so even at the peak of its speed and power, it won’t go over 55 DB.

Not only is the toy waterproof and made entirely from silicone, but so is its charger! That means you can safely enjoy the buzz underwater to your heart’s content. Since it’s rechargeable, it means you won’t have to look out for spare batteries while on the road. On top of that, it’s also travel-friendly and fits into any handbag for potential climax emergencies.


Regardless of your flower of choice, there is a myriad of roses on the market that could resonate with you. The search for the right one shouldn’t take long. One little thing to note before you plant one on your clit, especially if you’re a first-timer, is to make sure you read the instructions and play with other parts of your body first.

Other than that, watch that pleasure grow!


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