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With a stark blue color that looks like it should be a part of an Avatar XXX production, the alien probing plot seems to be taking a turn thanks to the Fleshlight Alien. It combines three favorite Fleshlights textures into one pocket pussy with a pretty unique design to top it all off. Equipped with elements from the Vortex, the Lotus, and the STU, it’s a fantastic choice for those looking for some sci-fi roleplaying and an intense orgasm.


Fleshlight has pioneered the way for male masturbators across the world, offering some pretty unique collections of pocket pussies. With the introduction of new technology, textures and settings came an even wider assortment of specific Fleshlights – whether it was extra realistic-looking, vibrating, double-orifice, or do-it-yourself customizable pocket pussies.

Many Fleshlight fans were puzzled at the decision to introduce an ‘alien’ Fleshlight design to the collection, myself included. After some consideration, however, the thought of experiencing alien pussy started to sound pretty interesting. I’m not one for alien porn, but this seemed like a fun new adventure that I was looking to explore. Plus, the inclusion of three popular Fleshlight elements in one sex toy tickled my pickle.

My Fleshlight review will explore just how out of this world this alien pocket pussy is!

Before You Buy The Fleshlight Alien

While the alien sleeve offers a different experience in look and feel in comparison to other Fleshlight products, it has been discontinued as of late 2018. However, back in 2020, Fleshlight announced a limited edition Freaks line for October that had the Fleshlight Alien in its roster.

Since then, the line has been removed from the official website, so you will have to make do with resellers and retailers if you want to experience it first-hand. However, all is not lost when it comes to getting freaky with extraterrestrials. You may get to pound alien pussy for Halloween if Fleshlight makes the same offer this year!

Fleshlight Alien – Features

Alien Texture

For this pocket pussy, Fleshlight introduced a new ‘alien’ texture. In essence, it’s a combination of three popular Fleshlight elements from the Vortex, the Lotus, and the STU.

Since they all have very different textures, the sensation is perfect for those that are looking to get a bit of everything in one solo session. As with a lot of other Fleshlights, the sleeve is marketed under the umbrella term of ‘medium intensity’, meaning that while it’s good for fast stimulation, it can also be used for stamina training, depending on how you position it.

Alien Sleeve

The Alien Fleshlight comes in a dark blue case that matches the Pandoria-like look of the whole pocket pussy – with a bright blue 9-inch sleeve inside. The alien orifice itself has a double-clitoris design. What this means is that it’s easier to penetrate, which is not necessarily a bad thing for those not wanting an immediate squeeze.

The inside of the sleeve consists of three separate canals. The first canal incorporates the Vortex texture – including four long swirls of cross-ribs that twist around the first part of the pocket pussy and can be adjusted with the end cap for a tighter hold.

This is quickly followed up by the Lotus node, the famous, tightly pressed canal that gives a nice squeeze to the cock at just 0.6 inches before moving through a tight passage into the final canal. The Lotus creates a ‘pop’-like squeeze when you pass through it, producing an intense feeling during each penetration.

The main canal of the Fleshlight consists of the STU (Stamina Training Unit) texture, which is the tightest part of the sleeve at just 0.45 and 0.6 inches. This extends to the back of the sleeve and fills up its largest part, with some small bumps scattered in a spiral pattern to the back end. What this means in addition is that it’s perfect for average to more hung dudes who wish to build up their endurance and performance in bed.


Since it has three intense Fleshlight textures that are all varied in bumps, canals, and length, it can be a little fidgety to clean, but it’s nothing that can’t be rinsed off within a couple of minutes. The Vortex canal specifically tends to trap a lot of lube, which is great for use, but not so much for cleaning. It’s important to thoroughly wash it with some hot water, but not too hot, as that can melt the whole sleeve.

Moreover, since the alien pussy orifice has a double-clitoris design and a somewhat loose sleeve entrance, it dries off pretty quickly. So it won’t take long until you can take your Fleshlight Alien for another spin!

How to Use

There are several ways to enjoy this alien pocket pussy. As with most other Fleshlights, it’s pretty much a float-your-boat experience that includes a motion of in, out, and repeat. However, I have some suggestions that may enhance your monster mash session.

Probe While Hot

The Fleshlight Alien actually heats up pretty easily in comparison to other similar pocket pussies. This is a great opportunity to dip it in warm water or attach it to the shower wall and pound at it while wet. Due to the ‘real skin’ texture, Fleshlights work best when they’re warmed up since they then feel like a real vagina. However, be careful not to put it in steaming hot water, as silicone can melt pretty easily.

Otherwise, there’s always the option of buying some ‘hot’ lubes. These are specialized lubes designed to amp up the temperature inside the sleeve, so as to give you that sweet, warm sensation without the need for constant reapplying. Moreover, you can always opt for ‘cold’ lubes to cancel out the warmth and have some fun with temperature play.

May the Mount Be With You

If you’re gonna be using it for a roleplaying session, whether solo or with a partner, I recommend buying a mount. This is because it’s gonna keep the toy steady while you pound at whatever variation of Neytiri you’ve imagined.

Alternatively, you can always go for a more DIY method and cushion it between the spring box and mattress. Either way, if you’re planning to invest in Fleshlights, getting a mount is pretty useful since they work with most other products.

Earthlings, Meet Suction Caps

As with other pocket pussies, the Fleshlight Alien has two caps – one used to close the front end of the sleeve and keep it protected and another to house the bottom of the sleeve, which is also called a suction cap. With it, you can twist the sleeve so that it tightens the canals, giving your dick less space and ultimately, a whole lot more intensity and pleasure.

Fleshlight Alien – Reviews

A Fleshlight review is very personal since satisfaction depends on multiple factors when using one. I always make it a point to go through multiple user comments on different Fleshlight sleeves because it’s important to have an objective view.

When it comes to the Alien Fleshlight, there’s a ton of positivity. Most people are initially turned off by the sex toy because of its weird look, but the Fleshlight alien texture alone tends to change opinions in a heartbeat. Since it does include more intense Fleshlight textures in the small space of a sleeve, most people are positively surprised at the sudden texture change. If you’ve got a thick penis, getting to the Lotus node is especially pleasurable because of the instant squeeze it gives to your cock.

Several reviewers mention that fans of more realistic orifices will enjoy the thick and smooth texture upon first penetrating the pocket pussy. All in all, it seems like a good fit for all-sized guys!

Fleshlight Alien – Alternatives

Unfortunately, this extraterrestrial pocket pussy is currently discontinued, which means there’s no way to find it online on the Fleshlight website for the time being. However, since this Fleshlight alien texture is based on three others, there are some alternatives to bear in mind.


The Vortex is what inspired the first canal of the Alien Fleshlight. While it’s not as varied as its blue counterpart, this pocket pussy is pretty intense.

The Vortex is a standard 9-inch sleeve. It consists of four separate chambers and a narrow pattern in between, all lined with a wide arrangement of spirals that engulf the whole sleeve with a width of 0.2 inches. When it comes to the Fleshlight material, it also features the SuperSkin texture that has a soft, silky feel when penetrated.

The widest part of the Vortex is 0.6 inches, which guarantees for some intense stroking due to the tight squeeze. Next, since the cap is adjustable, it also offers a less (or more) intense experience depending on your preferences. For beginners, it’s an excellent way to get introduced to the world of pocket pussies.

Price-wise, it comes at around $55.

Mini Lotus

The Mini Lotus is a bestseller thanks to the special texture and Lotus node configurations within the sleeve. While it’s crafted for ‘smaller guys’ because of the tightly-spaced canals that give pleasure and pressure within a space of just 3 inches, it’s an excellent, more realistic-looking alternative to the alien, with a little extra added intensity.

The Mini Lotus comes with a standard 9-inch length. It includes 5 separate chambers that are all separated with a 3/4 and 1/2 inch diameter spacing. Since it packs the intense surface texture of the Lotus, it’s pretty tight to navigate throughout the whole sleeve. Finally, the third chamber incorporates the famous Lotus Node, but at an earlier point than the standard Lotus, which is excellent for men that are smaller.

Overall, from front to back, the canals are specifically crafted for a deep, pleasurable grip that is perfect for those looking to shake hands with Mr. Happy. Similar to the Vortex, the Mini Lotus is priced at around $60.


Overall, the Alien Fleshlight offers a well-balanced experience for beginners and experts alike, incorporating three different textures within one neat gadget. It’s also why beginners looking into Fleshlight pounding can get the most out of it since Alien introduces them to practically three different types of pocket pussies at the price of just one.

Moreover, if you’re looking to spice things up a bit, going for some extraterrestrial pussy is worth a shot. That way you can get your nut and maybe try a little Alien vs. Predator roleplaying. Except, instead of people, you’ll be slaying pussy.


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