What Is Primal Fetish? | This Is What You Need To Know

We’ve all either heard or thought about primal fetish, right? But, what it actually means? In essence, it is letting your inner animal take over the bedroom. A primal fetish is more of a lifestyle than a fetish for a lot of eager lovers.

Just imagine utmost dominance in bed – scratching, wrestling, fighting, biting – all bundled up in one steamy experience. Though risqué and intense, when played out right, primal erotica can be quite the thrill to enjoy.

Primal Fetish and BDSM

For a lot of people, going primal is the most satisfying form of BDSM (Bondage And Discipline, Dominance And Submission, Sadochism And Masochism) play. However, a lot of people get confused when it comes to approaching primal sex. Though the fetish is all about letting loose, there are some tips and tricks to apply to the play. Also, a lot of people are unable to determine where the line between regular BDSM and primal play lies.

So, if you are looking to finally turn your bed into the jungle and learn along the way – you are at the right place.

Read on as I set the record straight and go through the concept of primal fetish.

Let’s get into it.

Primal Fetish: Animal Kingdom Pleasure for Humans

In short, a primal fetish is a more animalistic approach to sex. When I say animalistic, I mean actually turning your bedroom into an animal kingdom.

With primal play, it is all about forgetting your everyday self and letting your inner beast out. Individuals that enjoy the primal play forget about the rules and turn their partners into either prey or hunters.

Primal play is often confused with many other fetishes. Especially for beginners, it’s hard to spot the difference between primal sex and plain BDSM. The simple answer – primal play is part of the BDSM branch.

Lovense puts it perfectly – primal play is animalistic, but not the same as furry sex. Although they might sound similar, there are key differences and boundaries to respect.

How Does Primal Fetish Unfold?

There are two ways that primal play can unfold – dominant vs. submissive or dominant vs. dominant.

When you have one dominant and one submissive partner, that’s when the party gets wild. Additionally, there’s no fighting involved in this scenario. The dom partner will pull, scratch, and chase the sub, and both parties will enjoy their roles to the fullest.

On the other hand, primal play with two dom partners can also be a thrilling experience. This involves a lot more fighting and wrestling for ultimate dominance.

The Primal Kink: It Takes Two

Trust me when I say, the hot fight doesn’t stop throughout the sex. This is the core of primal fetish – the animalistic fight for dominance or submissiveness.

There are countless scenarios that you can partake in, besides the standard chase-or-get-chased play. Hair pulling, grunts, scratching, forced submission, and nibbling are all part of the primal voyage.

However, this fetish is more than just getting rough and animalistic. There are a few things you should be aware of before indulging in primal sex.

101 Guide on Hot Primal Fetish

There isn’t a wrong or right way to get into primal sex. However, there are a few aspects you should consider before proceeding with the fetish.

Find a Partner

This might sound a bit too obvious; however, finding a partner with the same fetish as you do is not always a walk in the park. It’s important to remember primal play isn’t something you can experiment with when you meet someone new.

Warning, consent plays a big role in your primal bedroom games. It’s important to properly communicate with your significant other before getting into it.

Consider Technology

There are a lot of apps and sites on the internet that you can use to find the right partner for your primal journey. This way, you’ll know for sure that the person next to you is ready to let their animal out of the cage as well.

Set Boundaries

I already mentioned that primal sex is about forgetting the rules and just letting go. However, it’s vital for you to talk to your partner and set some boundaries beforehand. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to set these boundaries. But, communicating everything can get you both on the same page.

Many primal couples don’t have any rules or boundaries at all. However, you still want to make sure that both you and your companion are comfortable with the act and share the same desire.

Safe Words for the Win

One of the things they don’t show you on a porn video is safe words. You and your partner might be okay with any porn video scene; however, it’s good to have a safe word. This way, you will know when your significant other isn’t playing along but actually wants to slow things down. These are crucial in any primal play between two consenting adults. Bustle has even gone out to give a list to anyone looking for inspiration on what their safewords can be.

The Right Primal Play Location

You can play it safe and turn your room into the woods, or you can actually take the primal fun to the woods. Either way, choosing a location is also an important aspect of a hot primal fuck.

A lot of primal couples like experimenting in different locations – especially in the outdoors. This is because it gives an extra touch of the real deal. However, it all comes down to your preferences.

Being out in the natural world can give you a euphoric experience. So, I definitely vouch for anyone who’s into primal to try it out. On that note, you still have to be very cautious about where you take your fun. After all, you don’t want to get into any legal trouble because of it.

Primal Sex, Spiced Up

It doesn’t have to come down to animals fighting for dominance and pleasure to spice up the primal play. For this matter, a good roleplay scene can do the trick. Hierarchy is a big thing in the prey-hunter world, so you and your mate can challenge each other’s position.

Names are Fun

Using appropriate nicknames like ‘prey,’ ‘hunter,’ and ‘predator’, ‘master’, ‘slave’ and more can get your girl, guy, partner, going. Another way to spice up your wild sex life is to watch a related porn video. Cheesy, I know, but this is at least a learning material and stimuli to make use of.

Don’t be afraid to explore the whole palette of primal goodies – you never know what you’ll find may even be more pleasurable.

Animals, Out of the Cage

Once everything’s been explained, it’s time to do the deed. When I say let the animals out of the cage – I mean really forget about societies’ norms about sex and go with your primal instinct.

This is where biting, growling, and wrestling come into play and lights a fire between you and your other half. Once you start, there’s no need to feel ashamed and let it all out. Primal sex is all about being in the present and trusting your instinct.

Make sure to diverse the primal play. MySexToyGuide advises all primal lovers to use all their senses once they get into the play. This includes using added or natural scents as a power play.

The Power of Toys

Some primal couples like incorporating sex toys into primal play. The selection depends on the preference and the form of the primal play. Most of the time, couples exclude toys so they can get really into their roles.

During this part, it’s important to remember all considerations I mentioned above. No matter how hard you get into the primal sex, take any sign of discomfort as a safe word and tone the game down.

In the end, the most important part is for both you and your mate to enjoy the primal experience to the fullest.

Take It Slow

This fetish can give you immense pleasure and give you a whole new perception of sex.

You may be a beginner or just someone who’s seen related porn videos on the internet and thinks they might enjoy the primal ride. If so, make sure to take things step-by-step. Start out by finding the right person to share this experience with.

You’ll need someone who’s already experienced and can navigate you through it the first time around. In contrast, you might want to find someone who’s also new at it. This way, you can both explore new heights and learn along the way.

The Bottom Line

In any case, there’s a good reason why primal play is popular amongst kinky stuff lovers. It gives you the opportunity to forget everything you’ve been taught about sexual pleasure. It widens your horizons and makes you a far more experienced lover than you were months ago.

Trust me when I say that there’s a primal soul sitting inside every one of us, and waits to be unleashed into proper play. You just need to find it within you, let it go, and go primal with all you got!

Here is a list of kinks in case primal fetish isn’t your thing.

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