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Anal play is something that doesn’t often arise as a topic. Not everyone is into it, but if you are ready to challenge your body with some hardcore play, give it a go. If you are feeling devilish and cheeky and want to explore toying around at the backdoor, you are in the right place. Anal dildos are what we are here to talk about.

Used for anal penetration, these dildos have a very similar function to their friends the vaginal dildos. They come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials. Beginners tend to use smaller and plain anal dildos, while the advanced tend to like dildos offering more features and texture.

These anal sex toys can be used by all and are also popular among the homosexual population. Anything to get the most out of pleasuring the back treasure.

Learning to Ride an Anal Sex Toy

Many cultures consider the anus to be an erogenous zone because its wall has an abundance of nerve endings. Push the right buttons and your partner will be begging for more mind-blowing experiences. Do your research before starting any anal play in order to learn the secrets of the game.

First and foremost, hygiene. It goes without saying that you need to keep your rear end clean at all times, but do pay special attention before anal play. Bacteria like attacking the anal wall, so don’t provoke them.

An important part of anal penetration is a relaxed body. Clear your mind and concentrate on the pleasure that’s ahead and always, always be patient with yourself or your partner. Patience is a virtue not many have, but can lead to overwhelming sexual pleasures.

Lots and lots of lube! Don’t be stingy with the lube. Before using the dildo, start with anal fingering which is simply stretching the anal opening by inserting one and then two fingers in the anus.

This is the phase that prepares your behind to open up for great pleasurable moments ahead. Bathe the anal dildo in lube and start by firstly inserting the tip of the toy you are using and then slowly penetrate deeper. Once you get accustomed to the dildo, fulfill every desire that you have.

Sex toys often tend to lose their way when they go through the backdoor, therefore make sure you use dildos with a flared base, just to be on the safe side. This is especially important for novice users!

Best Offer on the Market

Now for the fun part. Let’s do some research and see what the offer is on the market that provides the best satisfaction for our tush.

Enjoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

This latex and phthalate-free stainless steel dildo have a curved shape. The stainless steel design includes a 10-inch curve connecting 3 and 5 inch smoothly finished balls. The design and material allow easy penetration and stimulation of the P-spot and temperature play is also on the table.

A toy that comes highly recommended by customers, placing it as one of the top sellers among beginner and advanced users. With its smooth and shiny finish, it screams luxury and you wouldn’t want anything less for yourself or your partner.

Price: US $149.99

Lovehoney Curved Silicone Suction Cup Dildo 5.5 Inch

A 6-inch silicone dildo flexible enough to provide maximum satisfaction. Good for anal, vaginal, or harness use, this dildo also sticks to flat surfaces providing a possibility for a variety of preferred positions.

The pleasant and aesthetic look of this suction cup dildo spikes the desire for a night of kinky butt play. Beginners, don’t be afraid to try it. It may be just what you are looking for at a very affordable price.

Price: US $24.99

Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set

Anal play taken to a higher level. Two luxury-looking dildos in one set intended for overwhelming hotspot stimulation. Both are made of highly durable borosilicate glass, one pink and one clear. Wanna play hot and cold temperature games with your partner? This is exactly what you are looking for.

Two different shapes, one slightly curved and one ‘S’-shaped, and a 7-inch insertable length is all you need. Both feature tapered bulbs on each end of the dildo, with nodule-like shapes along the length of the pink dildo and a ribbed structure at one end of the clear dildo.

A fun and simple-to-use toy that comes highly recommended by customers who praise the affordable price and the pleasure they get out of these two masterpieces.

Price: US $54.99

Cock Locker Inflatable Penis Butt Plug 6 Inch

Some like it hard, some like it soft, but some like it inflatable. Inflatable ecstasy in 6 inches of insertable length and 5-inch circumference. Want to test the stretching limits of your or your partner’s booty? Pump it up to a 12-inch girth and experience blissful excitement. When you are done simply deflate it through the screw valve.

This Inflatable butt plug is recommended for beginners as it is easy to use and practical. It provides gradual stretching of the anal opening that is increased depending on the user’s comfort. It’s important to stress that this dildo is made of latex and is not suitable for those allergic to it.

Price: US $44.99

Aneros Tempo Stainless Steel S2 Anal Stimulator

These 4 inches of insertable pleasure have a smooth and elegant finish. The large tapered bulb and ribbed length will provide you with gentle yet satisfying stimulation. Your P-spot will thank you for taking good care of it.

A must-have toy if you are a beginner in booty sex games. Take it to the shower and have a wild time. This S2 Anal Stimulator comes at an affordable price and has many fans among men and women.

Price: US $69.99

Graduated 3-Bead E-Stim Stainless Steel Anal Plug

A pleasure treasure package that includes the E-Stim anal plug, a penis ring, and one remote control with a 48-inch connecting wire. It’s an excellent choice for beginners who want to explore their anal preferences.

The stainless steel plug is 4 inches long and has 3 beads that differ in size starting from 0.4, 0.7, and 1.2 inches. Add the 4 current modes to the mix and your pleasure sensation will skyrocket. Toy around with the beaded texture and the ring that will give you a harder erection.

The E-Stim Anal Plug might be a better choice than the S2 Anal Stimulator because there is the added bonus of vibrations at a more affordable price.

Price: US $39.66

5.9-Inch Lesbian Masturbation Realistic Strap-on Dildo

If you’ve wondered what it’s like to be the man in the bedroom, this Lesbian Strap-on dildo will give you a sneak preview. This flexible dildo is a very realistic copy of a 5.9-inch erect shaft with swollen balls.

If you are going solo, attach it to any flat surface and have endless fun, or put the strap-on and ride your partner to blissfulness. Lube up and start thrusting!

Price: US $34.90

7.9-Inch Ultra Realistic Dildo with Colored Veins

This dildo is so realistic, it will be love at first sight. The insertable length is 5.5 inches, made of silicone, and has a suction cup that allows you to experiment with positions. The design is astonishingly realistic, depicting precisely the folds on the shaft and the texture of the balls. Even the blood vessel are colored!

A pretty basic toy that is recommended for both beginners and advanced users. Once you buy it, you will be eager to0 try it in order to get the feel of it.

There are plenty of similar products out there offering more or less the same, but let’s compare it to Lovehoney’s Curved Silicone Suction Cup Dildo. The insertable length and silicone material are the same and they both have a suction cup. However, the detailed and very realistic texture of this Ultra Realistic Dildo is irreplaceable. It’s so aesthetically pleasing you won’t take your eyes off it!

Some might argue that Lovehoney’s Curved Silicone Suction Cup Dildo has the advantage because it’s almost half in price, but why get stingy when it comes to your pleasure. Pleasure cannot be bought and it’s only money, right?

Price: US $52.00

Metal Trinity Anal Plug Set Adult Toy

Another stainless steel Anal plug, but this one has a very interesting design. The Trinity Anal Plug has three heads that differ in size, ranging from 1.1, 1.4, and 1.8 inches.

Adventure-seeking addicts will use the smooth surface of the Trinity Anal Plug to play temperature games and give their horny partner gradual stretching. Keeping this toy clean is an easy peasy job due to the detachable heads.

When comparing the Trinity Anal Plug to other similar products, it has a high advantage. The S2 Anal Stimulator may look fancy, but it comes at a higher price than the Trinity Plug. If we take the 3-Bead E-Stim Anal Plug, it serves the same functions but has a different shape, and its strong side is that it offers vibrations. Compared to the E-Stim Plug, the Trinity Plug has a practical ergonomic design for effortless handling and is very easily cleaned.

Price: US $43.76

Remote Control Wearable Vibrating Pussy Anal Beads

An interesting combination of anal beads and an anal plug. A two-in-one package for curious kinky devils to explore. The silicone S-shaped anal beads are equipped with 10 vibration modes providing various levels of orgasmic experiences.

An interesting feature of this anal toy is that the vibrating egg, located inside the silicone body, may be removed at any time and be used separately as an anal plug. Another great feature is that the silicone material allows it to be bent and twisted in all possible directions.

Price: US $54.67

Doc Johnson Bust It Ejaculating Realistic Dildo with Vac-U-Lock 7 Inch

Fill me up! This is basically the message you are sending with this anal toy. Let’s look at the features. Latex and Phthalate free, 7 inches of insertable length, and made from PVC. At first look, just like any other shaft, you have probably seen before but the textured surface and balls imitate the real thing.

The set includes the Bust it ejaculating Dildo, a Vac-U-Lock suction base (if you wish to go hands-free), a semen dispenser, and a semen-like formula. Now there is a catch. If you find getting filled with semen to be a staggering feeling, this is just the toy you are looking for.

Prepare the provided semen-like formula with a very interesting and catchy name, “Nut Butter”, and you are ready to go. Dim the light, put on some ambiance music, and pleasure yourself to the end of time. However, don’t get too carried away and forget to press the pump at the desired moment.

Customers do have one remark about this product and that is the design of the semen dispenser, which is fairly simple. Other than that, it is recommendable just like any other sex toy of its type.

Price: US $59.99

Choosing the right one for you

Anal dildos come in all shapes, forms, and sizes. There are classic ones that never go out of style, realistic ones, the ones that vibrate, and those that ejaculate. The anal beads and the butt plugs are probably the most interesting for the users and are often chosen as the best anal sex toys. But before you decide on what to get to achieve the best sexual pleasure, let’s look at the anal dildo features.

Size matters

Regardless of what some say, in this particular case size does matter. Anal dildos come in three sizes and vary in length and girth. We recommend that beginners start with the small size anal dildos and work their way up to some hardcore anal play.

Starter small size dildos are usually 4 to 6 inches long, with a girth of 3 to 5 inches. Get aquatinted with the size and see how it feels when it fills you up. In time you will most likely be asking for more stretch and fulfillment. This is where the 7 to 12 inches long dildos, with 5 to 7-inch girth, come in. The stretching and intensity level increases, but so does the pleasure.

Anything above 12 inches in length and above 7 inches in girth will be left to the advance and hardcore players. They require extreme attention while entering the anus in order for your partner to have control and get the most pleasure out of it.

An important note for men to consider – if you are thinking about buying an anal dildo for prostate stimulation pay special attention to the length as the prostate is located at about 2.5 inches inside the rectum.

Tip: the number of fingers you can fit in your derrière is a helping tool to choose the girth of the dildo that your bum can handle.


The shape is important if you want to prolong the pleasure during your anal play. Strait shapes are standard and are mainly used on hard material dildos. The curved shape on the other hand gives you the natural feel of a real shaft. Special shape dildos are intended to reach your P-spot during anal stimulation and give you the explosive orgasm you are craving.

Now, butt plugs and beaded dildos are something different. Butt plugs tend to be small and thin. The beaded dildos are usually multilevel and their length and thickness vary, depending on the type of penetration and stimulation you are seeking.


Sextopedia recommends dildos that are easy to clean and made from body-safe materials. Silicone is the most used material in dildos because it’s safe, soft and flexible, and easy to clean.

On the other hand, if you like luxury, the glass dildo is what you are looking for. It is great for temperature play and easy to clean however careful use is highly recommended.

The most expensive and most durable dildos are metal dildos. Careful use is also recommended and it’s an excellent choice for temperature play. Depending on the design and finishing touches, the stainless steel dildos can have a luxury appearance.

Taking Care of your Anal Dildo

Did you have fun? Now roll up your sleeves and get cleaning. This is maybe the most important task you’ll have to do. Dildos took care of you, now it’s your turn to provide some tender love and care.

You basically use warm water and soap, followed by a disinfectant to get those bacteria out and your dildo will sparkle. If you are using a dildo made of porous material, take special care when cleaning them as they tend to be more problematic.

Before storing them away, make sure they are completely dry and properly stored for your next ventures.

Bottom Line on Anal Sex Toys

With a vast variety of anal sex toys available you, open up a world of exciting and pleasurable adventures. Anal dildos can become your new best friends and if you do thorough research, you’ll soon be craving their company.

The Don Johnson Dildo is for those who like the ejaculation sensation while the Cock Locker is for those who like exploring with sizes and stretching intensity. There is not much difference in price, it is just a matter of preference.

If you are into temperature play, you won’t go wrong with Tracy Cox’s Glass Dildo Set or the enjoy Pure Wand. They offer a luxury touch and creative adventures. Price is the only thing that might be an issue. After all, the glass dildos come in a pair for a very affordable price.

Anal play is a very delicate play that requires total relaxation for best penetration. It is often taboo among partners, but you always have the option of going solo on this. Try it and see if this is something that you might be into and then talk to your partner to introduce it into your sex life.

Don’t hold back on being cheeky, playful, and amusing, so bottoms up people!


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