Inflatable Dildos: The Engorged Pleasurer You Deserve

When it comes to dildos, sex toy experts and designers have truly employed their creativity to its fullest. Pun intended.

There are all kinds of dildos, created to fulfill all kinds of fantasies; some are more realistic, while others are in the shape of huge, slimy tentacles, colorful pincers, … you get the gist.

So, while some people prefer to go for a simulation of the real deal – with something like Cyberskin dildos, for example – others crave a type of sexual satisfaction that no human being can ever offer. And if you’re in the latter, then let us introduce you to…drum roll, please – inflatable dildos!

What is an Inflatable Dildo?

Honestly, you don’t need to be very creative to realize it – inflatable dildos are dildos that can grow in size. Technically, you’d insert it inside your vagina or anus and start pumping. The dildo will grow while inside, slowly increasing the pressure – and your pleasure.

The good thing is that you get to control the pumping, so you will know not to exceed your own limits.

In that sense, not only are these inflatable buddies able to offer something which no human being ever could, but they also give you that much more control over your sexual experience. Pump or deflate, increase or decrease; your openings are solely yours to abuse.

Additionally, like with other types of dildos, some inflatable dildos are primarily meant for vaginal, whereas others are primarily intended for anal use.

Similarly, some come with a suction cup base, others can vibrate (with you controlling the vibration, of course), some come in more human-like shapes, others are more mechanic or animal-looking.

Finally, the maximum size to which they can grow also varies; some cap at 6, while others at more than 12 inches.

The Inflatable Sex Toys: Best Dildo Variants

As you can imagine, the different kinds of inflatable dildos come with different benefits and drawbacks, but also with different quirks.

Thus, for instance, many of them are specifically designed to target your G-spot. This means that they are come in a curved shape, allowing you to specifically hit that sweet area.

V or A?

Of course, G-spot dildos differ on the basis of whether they’re meant for vaginal or anal use. Depending on where you want to insert the dildo before working on that G-spot stimulation, the curvature of the inflatable vibrating G-spot pleaser will also vary.

Moreover, some inflatable toys are constructed with the idea of clitoral stimulation in mind. Others are designed to target your P-spot, for example.

In this sense, a vaginal inflatable dildo will usually be slightly thicker, while an anal one would tend to grow more in length, while maintaining a, relatively, timid circumference.

The Inflatable Dildo Size

You need to bear in mind that there are various preferences when it comes to picking inflatable dildo sizes. Namely, more experienced users wouldn’t really mind shoving a huge inflatable dildo in whichever hole they desire and rookies – well, they need to take the high road to pleasure and start slow.

The best inflatable dildo is never a one-for-all size and shape; it’s the best inflatable dildo for you, and you only. Still, whoever you are, a rookie or a veteran, you should never take the size of this inflatable toy at face value.

For example, both the length and girth could be around 4-5 inches at first, but it may be able to grow to up to 11-12 inches in length and 8-9 inches in circumference. Also, consider the difference between overall length and insertable length – if a dildo is 20 inches long, not all 20 inches are meant to go inside you.

Beginners should be wary of immediately jumping on the most enormous, extra-large inflatable dildo, lest they injure themselves. In a way that’s the whole point of inflatable dildos, to begin with.

To have a sex toy that can vary in length and thickness and which you can easily control so as to get both the maximum amount of pleasure and the maximum amount of comfort.


Inflatable dildos are usually made from the same materials as other dildos: PVC plastic, inflatable silicone, latex, and jelly. Some come with a Cyberskin coating, which, most of the time, serves to emulate the look and feel of a real-life human penis.

Most of these materials are safe and phthalates-free. They tend to be easy to clean and maintain, while also being smooth and non-porous.

The only thing you should be careful about is materials like latex and jelly. If you happen to have a jelly or a latex allergy, or both a jelly and a latex allergy, it’d be best if you were to avoid these materials completely.

Hardcore & Softcore

Having put that aside, let’s discuss the specifics. Like, for instance, how pliable and flexible you want your inflatable dildo to be.

Some of these products are intentionally made to be soft and flexible so that you can twist and twirl your body and stimulate all the right spots.

Others, however, are non-flexible and sturdy, with a solid internal core. Those who prefer rough sex, submission, and machines may like the sensation of a rigid sex toy that does its own thing, not giving a second thought about their well-being and comfort.

Sometimes pleasure is derived precisely from lack of comfort.

Textured Pressure

And sometimes, it is derived from strangely diverse kinds of stimulation.

Hence why there are inflatable dildos that are both smooth and ridged. Depending on your own personal preference and the “tastes of your internal tissues”, you may find it best to stick to slick, metallic-looking tubes, or, conversely, to textured shlongs that would ravage your insides.

One of the people’s most common preferences is a design inspired by the human penis. Somewhere between smooth (no spikes and chains) and ridged (the tip, the bulging veins, the balls) you can find the perfect balance which ticks all your boxes.

And now that your pleasure-list is out of the way, let’s see how, exactly, these bad boys are meant to be used.

The Inflatable Dildo: How Do I Use This Sex Toy?

And now, for the important part – some inflatable dildo FAQ! Exactly what do you do with this naughty little toy?


First thing’s first, insert it in your anus or vagina when it is in its “shrunken state”, or when it’s the smallest. Once it’s feeling comfortable up there, start to pump slowly. The air will steadily fill it up, squeezing the inside of your anus or vagina.

You don’t want to immediately push yourself too much. Test out your limits. See what works and what doesn’t.

Once it’s fully pumped, the total length of this growing dildo will reveal how much you can actually tolerate. Bear in mind that when maximally inflated, it can grow up to twice its girth, if not more.

So, do your thing and when you finished (pun intended – again), think about getting it out. Normally you wouldn’t want to take it out when it’s fully stretched. Unless, that’s part of your kink, in which case, we don’t judge.

What you’d do is press a button on the pump controller that will immediately deflate the dildo. This is, in fact, a quick-release valve that will quickly release the accumulated air and bring the toy back to its original state.

See? It’s quite easy.

Before and After

Another thing that’s very easy is the maintenance before and after use.

It should come as no surprise that before putting an inflatable dildo or a balloon dildo inside you, you should coat it in a healthy amount of lube.

Now, considering all the ins and outs of the operation to follow, it’s best if you use a water-based lubricant. Especially if you’ve bought a silicone inflatable dildo, we strongly advise against using the silicone-based lubricant.

Once you’re done having fun, wash and rinse thoroughly. All of these sex toys are waterproof and submersible and they won’t be damaged by the soap used, for example.

Clean and store sex toys (including dildos) in a hygienic place, outside the reach of children.

Before using inflatable dildos, clean them once again, for good measure, dry them off properly, and on comes the lube again.

Again, quite easy.

The Pump and the Cup

Most commonly, inflatable dildos come with a hand pump. Attached to it is an inflation tube which can vary in length.

These types of inflatable dildos are suited both for single-person use and for some partner play. Just lie on your back, side or stomach, and start pumping.

If you’d prefer, you can give the hand pump to your partner and they will be pumping air until it’s fully inflated, while you’re feeling all the goodness. If you want to, you can also use some other sex toy at the same time for added pleasure.

Sex with an adult toy has never been this exciting. If you’re with a partner and are into submission, you can use this toy as a great tool for anal training. The other variant, next to the handheld pump, is the inflatable dildo with a suction cup base.

Even though this, too, can be used in countless ways, it’s much more suitable for single-person masturbation. You can stick the suction cup to the floor, to a wall, or to any flat surface, before enjoying your sex toy in a hands-free session.

So, which inflatable dildo is the best one for you? In case you need some help, we’re here to give you a few suggestions!

The Best Inflatable Dildos Out There

There are countless inflatable dildos you could find on the market, so we compiled a shortlist to suggest at least a few key types:

The Inflatable Phallic Anal Baloon Plug

We start out with a relatively timid young man – a 6-inch long and 1.2-inch thick anal inflatable silicone dildo with a hand pump.

Veering on the affordable side, this dildo is the perfect one for beginners. It’s sufficiently ridged, while still maintaining a lifelike human shape.

Meant to be used by both men and women, it’s incredibly easy to insert and fill with air. Once fully stretched, you’ll feel the pressure, but it still wouldn’t be too excessive.

It’s great to use in the company of other toys. Shy boys like to be around friends.

Price: $11.89

The Inflatable 6-Inch Vibrating G-Spot Pleaser

Unlike the previous boy, this purple pussy pleaser is anything but shy.

Being a 7-inch long inflatable vibrator with a curved tip for G-spot stimulation, this dildo is made exclusively for people with a vagina.

This G-spot inflatable dildo is somewhat ridged and, in comparison to the anal one, much bigger. It can grow up to 7 inches in length (6 inches insertable length) and up to 8 inches in circumference. Additionally, it’s quite flexible.

Still, due to it being dependent on batteries and all, it isn’t waterproof, so you’ll need to be careful when washing it. Compared to the previous dildo, it’s quite pricier, but, bearing in mind how expensive some sex toys can get, it still falls in the affordable category.

Price: $36.99

The Inflatable Bondage Dildo Gag

Ah-ha! An oral inflatable dildo!

This little bugger comes with a head harness and is, most definitely not meant for either your vagina or your anus.

Intended specifically for bondage play, this leather dildo is only 3 inches long and, when pumped, can expand up to 5.5 inches in girth. It’s quite small because it’s meant to go inside your sub’s mouth!

Silence your sex slave like they deserve to! And if they try to speak, pump some air into the dildo and shut them up!

Careful though – it contains latex, so skip it in case you’re allergic!

Price: $42.99

The 9-Inch Cock Locker Inflatable Dildo

Finally. A golden classic. Well, black, actually.

This 9-inch inflatable dildo is completely insertable and figures as the epitome of pumping and stretching.

Made out of Latex, it is suitable for both vaginal and anal sex, and especially for experienced users.

Inflate this shaft as much as you can and discover the full extent of what sex toys can do.

There’s nothing more to be said. Just to be felt.

Price: $49.99

The Verdict

So, there you have it – our detailed review on how to use, choose between and get busy with your inflatable dildo.

We presented three specialized options: the rather small anal plug, the rather big G-spot vaginal dildo, and the cheeky bondage oral dildo! Depending on what the “receiving end” will be, you will find any of these three brothers satisfying in a different way!

Anal beginners on a budget would definitely make the best use of the Anal balloon plug, while ladies with the specific intention of stimulating their G-spot have no better option than the Purple pleaser!

The Oral dildo, in comparison, is strictly for the submissive ones out there, relying on mental pleasure much more than physical!

Finally, the huge Cock Locker dildo is, arguably, a king among the other alternatives! Big, juicy, and suitable for any and every hole, it is the most versatile – and dangerous – choice you could make! But also the priciest too!

We all know what we can afford to give (and receive)!

Regardless, please know that whichever you go for, it comes with free delivery (if you’re in the States), in a subtle package.

Considering all the pros and cons – as well as all your desires, which one have you decided to get?

Whichever it is, it’s sure to stretch you well!


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