Inflatable Dildos: The Engorged Pleasurer You Deserve

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Welcome to my review of the best inflatable dildos anywhere on the internet!

A little bit of stretching could be all you need to experience powerful orgasms. And I don’t mean stretching in the gym. You need something that actually grows BIGGER and as YOU please! 

Inflatable dildos will do the stretching as you do the cumming. 

We spent hours digging deep into the hollow dildo world. And, this article covers the shortlist you don’t want to miss…

The Inflatable Phallic Anal Balloon Plug is Sextopedia’s favorite for reasons I’m about to reveal…

How Do We Compare Inflatable Dildos?

Sextopedia developed an in-house dildo testing framework that we strictly follow when picking and comparing the best hollow dildos.

Over several years we have put in a ton of research to identify the key decision-making factors (see table below) that affect people’s dildo-purchasing decisions.

All of our dildo review content is independently created and follows these principles. We think that standardizing the review content on our site makes it easier for our readers to make educated buying decisions.

Sextopedia’s mission is to “Redefine Your Sex Life” and that’s exactly what we are going to do with this article.

Dildo Testing Key Decision-Making Factors

Decision-Making FactorsWeight in the Final Score
Ability to Induce Orgasms40%
Build Quality & Durability30%

Overview of the Best Inflatable Dildos

Sextopedia authors review products independently. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission, which helps support our dildo testing lab. We appreciate your support!

  1. Sextopedia’s Pick (Beginner friendly): The Inflatable Phallic Anal Baloon Plug
  2. Best Vibrating Inflatable Dildo: The Inflatable 6-Inch Vibrating G-Spot Pleaser
  3. Best for Bondage Play: The Inflatable Bondage Dildo Gag
  4. Best for Experts: The 9-Inch Cock Locker Inflatable Dildo

In-House Ratings Comparison of The Best Inflatable Dildos

Decision-Making FactorsWeightPhallic AnalVibrating G-spot PleaserBondage BoutiqueCock Locker
Ability to Induce Orgasms40%
Build Quality20%
Combined Rating4.

The combined rating multiplies two arrays (“Weight” and “Decision-Making Factor X Rating”) together and returns the sum of products. The “Decision-Making Factors” and their corresponding “Weights” have been determined by Sextopedia’s proprietary research. You can find more info on how we test dildos here

Inflatable Dildos Basic Elements Comparison

ComparisonPhallic AnalVibrating G-spot PleaserBondage BoutiqueCock Locker
Number of Products Sold*>4,000>3,5001,000>500
Number of Product Reviews*43272240
Color OptionsBlackPurpleBlackBlack
MaterialSiliconeSoft plasticRubberLatex
Insertable Length (inches)
Circumference (inches)

*At The Time of The Review

Best Hollow Dildo Reviews

Sextopedia’s Pick (Beginner friendly): The Inflatable Phallic Anal Baloon Plug

Key TakeawaysDescription
Combined Rating4.7/5.0
Number of Products Sold>4,000
Number of Product Reviews43

We start out with a relatively timid young man – a 6-inch long and 1.2-inch thick anal inflatable silicone dildo with a hand pump.

You’re probably wondering why I’d particularly love a 6-inch toy while there are many bigger options out there. The truth is size is a factor but not the only factor. And when you’re a beginner in the world of inflatable dildos, it won’t be long until you realize that.

The Inflatable Phallic Anal Baloon Plug

Veering on the affordable side, this dildo is perfect for beginners. It’s sufficiently ridged, while still maintaining a lifelike cock shape.

Meant to be used by both men and women, it’s incredibly easy to insert and fill with air. Once fully stretched, you’ll feel the pressure, but it still wouldn’t be too excessive.

It’s great to use in the company of other toys. Shy boys like to be around friends.

“This toy is absolutely brilliant! I never expected that it would be this good. I’ve been failed by a few other products, but for the price, I wasn’t expecting much. Now I’m looking at it thinking, ‘I’m sorry sir, I wasn’t familiar with your game.” 

Reasons To Buy

  • It’s the most affordable expandable dildo I’ve come across, which explains the 4.7 rating out of 5 for affordability. No other toy comes close to this list. 
  • This inflatable dildo is also made with silicone, the safest dildo material out there, meaning there are no restrictions, especially if you’re prone to allergies.
  • The Inflatable Phallic Anal Ballon Plug is also the best beginner-friendly inflatable phallus. With an insertable length of 6 inches and a circumference of up to 5.5 inches, you won’t have to worry about tearing your walls on your first attempt.

Reasons Not to Buy

  • Clearly, if you’re not a beginner, you won’t appreciate its small size – you’ll want something bigger, probably the Vibrating G-Spot Pleasure or even better, the notorious Cock Locker

Vibrating Pick: The Inflatable 6-Inch Vibrating G-Spot Pleaser

Key TakeawaysDescription
Combined Rating4.4/5.0
Number of Products Sold>3,500
Number of Product Reviews27

Unlike the previous boy, this purple pussy pleaser is anything but shy and that’s why it comes second in my list.

Being a 6-inch long inflatable vibrator with a curved tip for G-spot stimulation, this dildo is made exclusively for people with a vagina.

The Inflatable 6-Inch Vibrating G-Spot Pleaser

I’ve used this bad boy countless times on my girlfriend and there’s not even one intimate session she’s failed to experience orgasms. I guess it’s all in the vibrations – women love that! 

Noticed the 4.5 rating out of 5 for ‘Ability to Induce Orgasms’? Yes, it scooped the second-highest rating under this category for a reason. 

This G-spot inflatable dildo is somewhat ridged and, in comparison to the anal one, much bigger. It can grow up to 7 inches in length (6 inches insertable length) and up to 8 inches in circumference. Additionally, it’s quite flexible.

“I’m in love with this toy! I’ve never been disappointed by Lovehoney. I love that the toy is easy to use and gives that ‘full’ feeling when inside me. My partner also loves to control it and watch as it fills all my holes. And when combined with clit play, the orgasms are mind-blowing!”

Reasons To Buy

  • This ballooning toy has a generous girth of up to 8 inches, perfect for intermediate users and experts 
  • The vibrations also boost the toy’s Ability to Induce Orgasms, the most important factor users consider when shopping for a dildo, per the biggest dildo survey conducted by Sextopedia between October 2021 and July 2022. 
  • It’s curved, making it easier to locate the G-Spot and trigger powerful orgasms 

Reasons Not to Buy

  • Due to it being dependent on batteries and all, it isn’t waterproof, so you’ll need to be careful when washing it, which is why I gave it a 4.1 rating for ‘Easy to Clean’ the lowest under this category.
  •  Compared to the previous dildo, it’s quite pricier, but bearing in mind how expensive some sex toys can get, it still falls in the affordable category.

Bondage Pick: The Inflatable Bondage Dildo Gag

Key TakeawaysDescription
Combined Rating4.2/5.0
Number of Products Sold>1,000
Number of Product Reviews22

Ah-ha! An oral inflatable dildo!

This little bugger comes with a head harness and is, most definitely, not meant for either your vagina or your anus.

Intended specifically for bondage play, this leather dildo is only 3 inches long and, when pumped, can expand up to 5.5 inches in girth. It’s quite small because it’s meant to go inside your sub’s mouth!

The Inflatable Bondage Dildo Gag

Silence your sex slave like they deserve to! And if they try to speak, pump some air into the dildo and shut them up! YOU run the show! 

Although this toy is great for bondage play, I feel like the orgasm is one-sided, which is why I gave it a 4.0 rating out of 5 for Ability to Induce Orgasms, the lowest under this category.

“I love that it is perfect for purpose and also easy to use, not forgetting how perfectly it fits into my partner’s mouth! Highly recommended!” 

Reasons To Buy

  • Perfect for bondage play — you’ll keep your sex slave silenced the entire session
  • Made with soft plastic, which won’t harm your partner during bondage play
  • Comes with a quick-release valve for maximum safety 

Reasons Not to Buy

  • Careful though – it contains latex, so skip it in case you’re allergic!

Expert Pick: The 9-Inch Cock Locker Inflatable Dildo

Key TakeawaysDescription
Combined Rating4.1/5.0
Number of Products Sold>500
Number of Product Reviews40

Finally. A golden classic. Well, black, actually.

This 9-inch inflatable dildo is completely insertable and figures as the epitome of pumping and stretching. Made out of Latex, it is suitable for both vaginal and anal sex, and especially for experienced users.

The 9-Inch Cock Locker Inflatable Dild

This is the longest inflatable dildo on this list. And because it’s just a long, veiny phallus with no hidden sections, I gave it a 4.8 rating under the ‘Easy to Clean’ category. 

Inflate this shaft as much as you can and discover the full extent of what sex toys can do.

There’s nothing more to be said. Just to be felt.

“My partner and I ordered this product from Lovehoney and it’s been incredible ever since. I love that it makes him moan as no other toy does. It’s also perfect for filling both holes and we’re already thinking of getting even something bigger!”

Reasons To Buy

  • If you love your toys big and long, this 9-inch expandable cock will for sure fill your holes
  • It’s actually very detailed, which explains the 4.9 rating out of 5 for ‘Build Quality’ – it has a veiny shaft and a rounded head, delivering a life-like experience (though more powerful than an actual penis)

Reasons Not to Buy

  • It’s the highest-priced toy I’ve reviewed in this list so far. However, given the generous length and girth, most people – including my girlfriend – don’t mind spending a few extra dollars for that orgasm.
  • It contains latex, which locks out certain users who are sensitive to this dildo material.

Why You Should Trust Us With Inflatable Dildos?

At Sextopedia, we put in hours of research, coupled with real-life experiences and expert knowledge to bring you the best sex toy advice you’ll find anywhere on the internet.

Our team members (sex experts, sex toy enthusiasts, quality assurance specialists, and sex writers) have been featured in top publications such as Healthline, Cosmopolitan, AskMen, Self, Bustle, etc. – clearly showing that Sextopedia’s advice is important.

At Sextopedia:

  • Our team scans various media channels, including social media, to bring you independent reviews and feedback to help you make informed decisions;
  • We conduct surveys to find out what’s important, so we can write our content keeping the key decision-making factors in mind;
  • We have an in-house dildo testing lab that ensures each toy we recommend is worth the investment;
  • We will never recommend unsafe sex toy materials to you;
  • Our team consists of individuals with different sexual orientations and preferences. This diversity empowers us to provide open-minded reviews about these adult toys;
  • We always make sure that our content is aligned with our Editorial Guidelines before hitting the “publish” button.

What Is An Inflatable Dildo?

Honestly, you don’t need to be very creative to realize it – inflatable dildos are dildos that can grow in size. You’d insert it inside your vagina or anus and start pumping. The inflatable dildo will grow in size, slowly increasing the pressure – and your pleasure.

Remember, you control the pumping!

Inflatable dildos can offer something which no human ever could: spot-on control over your sexual experience. Pump or deflate, increase or decrease – your openings are solely yours to play with.

Inflatable Dildos Key Facts To Remember

  • Like with other types of dildos, inflatable dildos can be used vaginally, anally, and orally.
  • Some inflatable dildos have a suction cup base, others can vibrate (with you controlling the vibration, of course); some come in more human-like shapes, and others are more artificial or even animal-looking.
  • The maximum size to which an inflatable dildo can grow varies between 5 – 15 inches.

For example, the Inflatable Phallic Anal Ballon (my favorite) stretches up to 5.5 inches while the monster Cock Locker (my GF favorite) stretches up to 9 inches!

Inflatable Dildo Types

Vagina Or Anus

  • G-spot inflatable dildos differ on the basis of whether they’re meant for vaginal or anal use. Depending on where you want to insert the dildo, before working on that G-spot stimulation, the curvature of the inflatable dildo is something to pay attention to.
  • Some inflatable toys can be used for clitoral stimulation. Others are designed to target your P-spot.
  • The vaginal inflatable dildo will usually be slightly thicker, while an anal one would tend to grow more in length while maintaining a relatively timid circumference.

The Inflatable Dildo Size

Obviously, there are various preferences when it comes to picking inflatable dildo sizes. More experienced users wouldn’t really mind shoving a huge inflatable dildo in whichever hole they desire while rookies – well, they need to take things a bit slower.

The best inflatable dildo is never a one-for-all size and shape; it’s the best inflatable dildo for you, and you only.

Still, whoever you are, a rookie or a veteran, you should never take the size of this inflatable toy at face value.

  • For example, both the length and girth could be around 4-5 inches at first, but it may be able to grow to up to 11-12 inches in length and 8-9 inches in circumference.
  • Also, consider the difference between overall length and insertable length – if a dildo is 20 inches long, not all 20 inches are meant to go inside you.

Beginners should be wary of immediately jumping on the most enormous, extra-large inflatable dildo, lest they injure themselves. In a way, that’s the whole point of inflatable dildos, to begin with.

They allow you to adjust the girth according to what your vaginal or anus can accommodate at that particular moment.

Inflatable Dildo Material

Inflatable dildos are usually made from the same materials as other dildos: PVC plastic, inflatable silicone, latex, and jelly. Some come with a Cyberskin coating, which, most of the time, serves to emulate the look and feel of a real-life human penis.

Most of these materials are safe and phthalates-free. They are easy to clean and maintain, while also being smooth and non-porous.

The only thing you should be careful about is materials like latex and jelly, but only if you have latex and/or jelly allergy.

Hardcore & Softcore

How pliable and flexible do you want your inflatable dildo to be?

Some of these inflatable dildos are intentionally made to be soft and flexible so that you can twist and twirl your body and stimulate all the right spots. Others, however, are non-flexible and sturdy, with a solid internal core.

Those who prefer rough sex, submission, and machines may like the sensation of a rigid sex toy that does its own thing, not giving a second thought about their well-being and comfort.

Sometimes pleasure is derived precisely from a lack of comfort.

Textured Pressure

There are inflatable dildos that are both smooth and ridged, like the Inflatable Vibrating G-Spot phallus from Lovehoney, one of the best online sex toy stores we’ve reviewed so far. 

Depending on your own personal preference and the “tastes of your internal tissues”, you may find it best to stick to slick, metallic-looking tubes or, conversely, to textured shlongs that would ravage your insides.

One of the people’s most common preferences is a design inspired by the human penis.

Somewhere between smooth (no spikes and chains) and ridged (the tip, the bulging veins, the balls), you can find the perfect balance that ticks all your boxes.

How Do Use Inflatable Dildos

And now, for the important part – some inflatable dildo FAQs (or Fucks)!

Exactly what do you do with this naughty little toy?

1) Inflate-Deflate

Insert it in your anus or vagina when it is in its “shrunken state”, or when it’s the smallest. Once it’s feeling comfortable up there, start to pump slowly. The air will steadily fill it up, squeezing the inside of your anus or vagina.

You don’t want to immediately push yourself too much. Test out your limits. See what works and what doesn’t.

Once it’s fully pumped, the total length of this growing dildo will reveal how much you can actually tolerate. Bear in mind that when maximally inflated, it can grow up to twice its girth, if not more.

So, do your thing and when you finished (pun intended – again), think about getting it out. Normally you wouldn’t want to take it out when it’s fully stretched. Unless, that’s part of your kink, in which case, we don’t judge.

What you’d do is press a button on the pump controller that will immediately deflate the dildo. This is, in fact, a quick-release valve that will quickly release the accumulated air and bring the toy back to its original state.

Read More | Creative Ideas To Use Your Dildo

2) Before And After

Another thing that’s very easy is the maintenance before and after use.

It should come as no surprise that before putting an inflatable dildo or a balloon dildo inside you, you should coat it with a healthy amount of lube.

Now, considering all the ins and outs of the operation to follow, it’s best if you use a water-based lubricant. Especially if you’ve bought a silicone inflatable dildo, we strongly advise against using the silicone-based lubricant.

Once you’re done having fun, wash and rinse thoroughly. The question of whether or not a dildo is easy to clean is actually one of the most important factors that influence how we rank these toys. That explains why this factor alone has a 10% weight in the final product scoring chart.

Most of these sex toys are waterproof and submersible, and they won’t be damaged by the soap used, for example.

  • Clean and store sex toys (including dildos) in a hygienic place outside the reach of children.
  • Before using inflatable dildos, clean them once again for good measure, dry them off properly, and on comes the lube again.

3) The Pump And The Cup

Most commonly, inflatable dildos come with a hand pump. Attached to it is an inflation tube which can vary in length.

These types of inflatable dildos are suited both for single-person use and for some partner play. Just lie on your back, side or stomach, and start pumping.

If you’d prefer, you can give the hand pump to your partner, and they will be pumping air until it’s fully inflated while you’re feeling all the goodness. If you want to, you can also use some other sex toys at the same time for added pleasure.

Sex with an adult toy has never been this exciting. If you’re with a partner and are into submission, you can use this toy as a great tool for anal training. The other variant, next to the handheld pump, is the inflatable dildo with a suction cup base.

Additional Resources

The Verdict

Anal beginners on a budget would definitely make the best use of the Anal balloon plug, while ladies with the specific intention of stimulating their G-spot have no better option than the Purple pleaser!

The huge Cock Locker dildo is, arguably, a king among the other alternatives!

Big, juicy, and suitable for any and every hole, it is the most versatile – and dangerous – choice you could make! But also the priciest too. Just make sure you invest in lots of lube. 

Whichever it is, it’s sure to stretch you well!


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