DIY Butt Plugs | All You Need To Know

Get an exciting anal play experience using everyday items found at home! Anal play is about stimulating the specific area around and in the anus. You can get this sexual stimulation without spending nearly as much as you would buying a butt plug at a sex store. Let us explore how to make a butt plug from home. 

A homemade butt plug is an object used to stimulate sexual pleasure through anal play. Both male and female partners can use DIY butt plugs for sexual stimulation. Butt plugs are typically tapered in shape with a wide circular body and a tipped end, which penetrates the anus with ease. The widened section broadens the anus during anal play, thus generating pleasure during penetration. Although butt plugs come in varying shapes, you can still make these while at home.

You may make a butt plug using any relevant item that suits you during anal penetration. Some items, such as cucumbers and zucchinis, naturally come in different shapes and are suitable to use as a homemade butt plug.

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Factors To Consider When Making A DIY Butt Plug

People’s preferences vary depending on their desired anal pleasure. Thus, creating a butt plug at home will require you to understand what type of butt plug stimulates you. Some other factors that will be important while making a DIY butt plug include:


Hygiene is an essential consideration when making a DIY butt plug. You need to consider how you will be cleaning the homemade butt plug after anal play. Especially if you are using household items to make your butt plug, thoroughly cleaning them is of utmost importance.

TIP: You may use a condom to protect the homemade butt plug while using it. Afterward, you may dispose the condom. 


There are two categories of DIY butt plugs that you can make at home. They are the non-durable homemade butt plug and the durable DIY butt plug. Non-durable homemade butt plugs may include vegetable DIY butt plugs, for example, zucchinis, sweet potatoes, and cucumbers. In contrast, durable DIY butt plugs could be wooden or clay butt plugs.

Pleasure Points

Anal butt plugs come in different shapes. It’s because shape differences accommodate varying pleasure points during anal sex. Thus, it’s important to pick an item that will hit your desired pleasure points.

Some people will prefer a curvy butt plug, while others will go for a straight butt plug. For example, a curvy cucumber, as opposed to a straight cucumber, might stimulate different areas during butt sex.


Homespun butt plugs come in all shapes and sizes! When making a homemade anal plug, you need to keep in mind your preferred butt plug size. Some partners will need a wide butt plug to broaden their anus, while others will choose smaller ones for a different type of anal stimulation.

TIP: Peel off excess skin and flesh from any vegetable homemade butt plug to suit your size preference.

You may also carve clay or wooden butt plugs to get the desired shape and size. While making these adjustments on the DIY butt plug, your safety is as important as pleasure, so make sure you choose an appropriate size for you. 


Different homemade butt plugs have varying textures. For example, zucchinis have a smooth surface, and cucumbers have a bumpy texture. You may try each to find what suits you.

You may choose to make either a smooth or textured wooden or clay DIY anal plug. Controlling the texture is possible when using the right equipment and technique.  


Most DIY butt plugs may leave foreign objects in your anus if misused. These foreign materials can be harmful to the human body. Therefore, consider using protection for vegetable homemade butt plugs. Condoms are the most highly recommended protection for these DIY butt plugs. Also, condoms have lubricants that will allow for easy penetration inside your anal canal.

If the condom lubricant is not adequate alone, you may use another lubricant for safety and pleasure. Wooden or clay-based butt plugs equally need protection; however, safety starts from their carving. Follow the correct methods and time frame when making wooden and clay butt plugs.

Benefits Of A Homemade Butt Plug

Anal Training And Stretching

Handcrafted butt plugs may be helpful during anal training, especially for anal play beginners. Self-made butt plugs may be the most suitable sex toys to stretch out the anus as a precursor for painless ass sex. While at home, you have the freedom to choose any size anal plug to train slowly and avoid injuries.

Readily Available

Natural butt plugs are made using materials that we use in everyday life—for instance, vegetables, wood, clay, etc.  


It is very cost-effective to make a homemade anal plug using readily available items. You can buy the items from a nearby grocery shop or wood workshop. It could be easier to get these items nearby than accessing a sex shop or buying online, which may take longer than expected. 


Making your own homemade butt plug is not only convenient and affordable, but it is also very discrete. One of the most alluring advantages to a DIY butt plug is the fact that you can keep your anal explorations strictly between you and your partner. 

How To Make Your Own Butt Plug

Whether you like quickly made DIY butt plugs or have the patience to wait for a more durable and reusable handcrafted butt plug, there is an option for you. The following steps will help you make a homemade butt plug.

Vegetable Made Butt Plug

Think twice before throwing every vegetable into the cooking point. Some vegetables taste better up your anus than down your throat. Here’s what you’ll need to discover this little-known pleasure:

  • A cucumber, zucchini, or any other penis-shaped vegetable
  • Potato peeler
  • Knife
  • Condom
  • Lubricant


1. Take the cucumber and ensure it is the right size for you

2. If the cucumber is larger than your required size, use the potato peeler to reduce the size.

3. You may choose to curve the cucumber to your desired shape.

4. Take the condom and cover the cucumber by rolling it from the tip upwards.

5. Check whether the condom lubricant will be helpful. If not, take your lubricant (water-based is recommended) and apply it to the homemade anal plug.

6. Enjoy playing with your handcrafted butt plug.

Wood Or Clay Butt Plug

Here’s a list of materials you’ll need to make a wood or clay butt plug.

  • Softwood (reasonable size)
  • Wood chisel
  • Hammer
  • Sandpaper


1. Take the softwood and place it in a firm position

2. Use the wood chisel and hammer to carve your desired shape (softwood lets you cut any shape with ease)

3. Use the sandpaper to get a smooth finish 

You may include a variation by applying a varnish to improve its appearance. Well-finished hand-crafted butt plugs may disguise themselves as decor in the bedroom. Although, they should be away from children’s reach.

Other Simpler Ways To Make Anal Butt Plugs

Other than the options we’ve mentioned above, there are still many ways to make a DIY butt plug. These options do not require any technical skills – you just need to look around your home and be a little bit creative. Let’s check out some possible ideas.

Umbrella Handle

Yes, you see that umbrella lying idle in your closet or bedroom? Don’t get rid of it just yet; it could actually be the reason you’ll experience mindblowing orgasms if you choose to be a little bit creative.

Most umbrella handles have ribbed surfaces, perfect for anal penetration and stimulation. However, make sure you have lube ready before using the handle of your umbrella as an anal plug.

Some handles also come with metal poles and you may have to be a little bit creative to get rid of the pole. You can use a metal cutting saw to remove the metal pole and have the handle all to yourself.

Use A Candle

Yep, you read it right. Candles can actually make good butt plugs and here’s how. First, you’ll need to boil water to the highest temperature possible. Insert the candle into the hot water, for a few seconds, and then remove it.

Because a candle is made from wax, it becomes softer when exposed to heat. The main idea here is not to melt the candle but to have it soft enough to be molded into your desired shape. In this case, your desired shape will obviously be that of a penis, with soft edges and the right girth. Make sure you mold the candle while still hot – if it cools down, you’ll have to dip it back into the hot water to make it softer.

Remember, do not use the candle without a condom. Also, make sure it cools down completely before using it as an anal plug.

You can also use a candle to make a DIY homemade prostate massager.


You may decide to get a little bit more creative by using a toothbrush as a butt plug. Here’s how it works.

Because most toothbrushes have wave-like patterns on their handles for better grip when brushing your teeth, they could actually provide some great stimulation when used for anal play. They’ll for sure grip your inner walls and rub the right surfaces for the ultimate pleasure.

However, most toothbrushes have pointed ends and it is imperative to ensure that the toothbrush you’re using isn’t sharp at the edges or base. If it has all the qualities you are looking for in an anal plug except for the sharp ends, you have nothing to worry about; there’s always a way out.

Here’s what to do.

Use sandpaper to smoothen the pointed edges of the toothbrush. Make sure the edges are soft enough to penetrate your anus without causing any pain or damage. For best results, use a condom and water-based lube.

Toothbrush can be also used to make and awesome homemade vibrator.


As crazy and spicy as it sounds, gingers have actually been used for anal simulation in the past, and are still quite common for this role even today. This is mainly because of their bumpy and wavy texture, making them an ideal natural sex toy for anal stimulation.

To use ginger, make sure you clean it properly to get rid of any soil deposits. Leave it to dry completely, and then use a condom to wrap it.

Although many people prefer using ginger without protection when it comes to anal play, using a condom is always recommended. Remember, your inner tissues are more sensitive to foreign objects and you do not want anything that triggers any other reaction than pleasure. You do not want an itchy butt, either. That’s what condoms are for.


This is possibly one of the easiest, safest yet readily available options when you are in the mood for anal stimulation and you do not have a standard butt plug. Unless you chop your fingers and leave them at home, you can always enjoy anal stimulation anytime you need it, just by fingering yourself.

For this to work though, you’ll need lots of lube, just like you would with other alternatives. Wash your hands with clean water and soap to prevent cross-contamination. Use a dry and clean towel to dry your fingers before insertion.

To get your butt ready for penetration, pour some lube on your two fingers, and then relax your butt as you rub your fingers on its surface.

As you get ready, your anus will begin to dilate, paving way for one finger to go through. Start slowly and then insert the second finger and the third if possible. You may go all the way and perform anal fisting if you can handle it.

Remember that you’ll need access to clean water and soap when done. Clean your hands with soap and water and then rinse and dry.


Making the appropriate type, size, and shape of a natural butt plug is essential. The correct DIY butt plug also depends on durability and a person’s preference. This choice is critical to your safety and your partner’s. Making a safe butt plug is easy, even when you are on a fixed budget. Having the correct tools and equipment, especially when making durable DIY butt plugs is also imperative to get the desired results.

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