DIY Monkey Rocker | Instructions To Follow

Sex has never been this enjoyable, especially with the plethora of sex toys available. As someone who wants to explore and experiment with sex, we understand that pleasure is not only limited to a human partner or certain technological gadgets.

DIY monkey rockers, also known as sex gliders, are fun to make and even more fun to use. If you are someone who is DIY-savvy and want to have a whole different sex experience, then making yourself a handy toy like the monkey rocker is something you shouldn’t pass up!

If you don’t know how to make one, worry not because we have your back! This article explains various reasons why you may need this device, and how to build one. Without further ado, let’s get to monkey business!

DIY Monkey Rocker Design

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that a monkey rocker can be used by both, men and women. Regardless of your sexual preference or views, this sex machine can be used by literally anyone!

This is a homemade fucking machine that looks more like a sex glider rocking chair but is designed for an entirely different purpose. The monkey rocker is designed in a way that the user sits on a sponge base, which has a gap at the center. A sex toy, such as a dildo, vibrator, or any other, is placed at the center of the sitting area.

DIY monkey rocker can be used for either anal or vaginal penetration. If you’re feeling extra frisky, you can use both simultaneously – it’s all up to your imagination and how wild you let it run! This sex toy works best for two main sex positions: the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.

Monkey rockers are typically designed for one user at a time. However, you can find or build one that can pleasure multiple users at the same time. This sex glider is entirely mechanical and does not require a motor or a power supply unit, as it is manually controlled by a single user or your sexual partner.

How To Use A Monkey Rocker?

When using a DIY sex glider, sit on the sponge area with your legs spread. Insert the dildo and move to your fucking rhythm. The best position depends on your preference, fitness level, and comfort. You can control the monkey rocker by using leg pedals, or alternatively, you may use your hands. The devil is in the details, but we’ll leave those to you!

In matters of comfort, this bad boy is exceptionally convenient and enjoyable. Based on personal experience, it gives you unmatched pleasure and is more physical and satisfying, compared to plain vanilla sex. 

A monkey rocker provides sexual pleasure in different ways; it can stimulate as well as penetrate your vagina and anus’s inner walls. The sex toy, which sits on a plate at the center, connects to a device to provide upward thrust and sometimes circular motions, kicking pleasure into overdrive. 

You can use this sex toy for your own personal pleasure or with your partner.

PRO TIP: You may use it while giving a blowjob to your partner for a more pleasurable experience.

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What Is The Easiest DIY Monkey Rocker Plan To Build?

Now that you know what a funky rocker does, it’s time to make your own. There are so many monkey rocker plans on the internet that you may consider for inspiration. However, if you’re looking for something simpler, the monkey rocker design explained in this article is much easier to build. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A sex toy mount
  • Any regular or vibrating dildo
  • A rideable bouncy chair

The main idea behind a funky rocker is to create something affordable, easy to use, and ever so pleasurable. Quite frankly, the traditional monkey rockers you see in porn are very expensive. 

Given that a traditional glider rocker is expensive and actually quite heavy, you need something that’s lighter and faster to assemble. Not to mention, something that won’t leave a considerable dent in your wallet. The funky rocker we will discuss in the steps below is lightweight and very easy to dismantle. 

It won’t be easy to tell that it is actually a sex rocker unless you have experience using these. We are talking about the kind of sex toy that no one would point out from your Instagram selfie unless they also own a similar one.  

But before we proceed with how to make a DIY sex rocker, let’s first define the ‘magic’ items we’ve mentioned above. 

Sex Toy Mount

This is basically a cozy sex accessory that allows you to ride your favorite dildo or vibrators. It is usually made of super-dense foam to provide the much-needed stability for the mounted dildo or vibrator as you move your waist back and forth. It has been designed to give your hands the freedom to reach for other things around you as you ride the dildo. 

Not all sex toy mounts are made of foam; some are made from plastic and they come in different shapes and sizes. If you love double penetration sex, you can look for a mount that can accommodate two dildos, one for your vaginal, and the other for anal sex. Use them simultaneously and you’re in for some delicious toe-curling orgasms!

Some sex toy mounts also allow for stimulation of the clitoris using a vibrator, while at the same time creating room for a second dildo to penetrate your deeper walls. The end result is an out-of-this-world experience, that’s for sure!

Dildo and/or Vibrator

These two do not need any introduction, but we will define them if we must. Dildos are sex objects that go into the anus, vagina, or mouth for sexual pleasure, other than an actual penis. Vibrators are basically dildos that vibrate and may be used on other areas around the vagina, such as the clitoris, to achieve orgasms. 

Rideable Bouncy Chair

This is any chair designed for back and forth movements and has space in between to allow a sex toy access to your most erogenous places. You can actually make one of these chairs at home. 

Building DIY Monkey Rockers

  • Locate the opening at the top of the sex toy mount 
  • Place the sex toy onto the opening of the toy mount
  • Place the sex toy mount on top of the bouncy chair
  • Sit on the bouncy chair, when ready, and then slide the dildo gently into your vagina or anus
  • Begin rocking back and forth gently and then increase the speed as desired 

You do not need any technical skills or hard-to-follow monkey rocker plans to make a DIY sex glider. All you need is a high sex drive, easy-to-follow monkey rocker plan, coupled with the materials we’ve mentioned above.

Although there are many other types of homemade monkey rockers available, such as those that come with a Vac-U-Lock, the one we’ve discussed in this article is one of the easiest to make.

If you have the technical skills and want to build a hardcore monkey rocker according to well-thought blueprints, we recommend you to visit the FunkyRocker website. You can find pretty decent monkey rocker plans for around $10.

Sex gliders give you control over the thrust and strokes with your body movements, which makes the whole experience amazingly pleasurable. The rocker adapter can be changed to fit different or multiple sex toys, depending on what you prefer at any given time.

Additionally, the sex toys can be changed to suit a specific purpose during solo or couple’s sex. For instance, if you need deeper penetration, you simply need to mount a longer dildo onto the rocker.

Compatibility is also one of the many reasons you should consider using a do-it-yourself glider. You can use the toy of your choice and change it whenever you want.

Ride The Monkey Rocker As YOU WANT

It is much more exciting to change your sexual rhythm and speed without explaining or giving instructions to an individual. With this rocking device, you have complete control of every movement. Whether you need fast, steady thrusts or slower ones, you have total control of these and so much more!

Budget-Friendly & Safe

Rockers do not comprise high-end machines or parts; therefore, you do not need to worry about unnecessary monetary pains. Compared to using motor-controlled sex machines, which are usually prone to accidents and some abdominal pains, rockers are safer. This is because you control these according to your sexual desires and limits.

If you rock fast, you should expect faster thrusts and vice versa. This kind of controllability is perfect for orgasms. Once you’ve hit the right spot, you simply maintain the pace and position while enjoying every inch of the thrust.

Limited Noise & Discreetness

Handmade rockers make little or no noise at all. Their silent nature makes these better than many other fucking machines, especially those that use motors. Since homemade rockers produce less noise, your neighbors won’t hear a thing when you’re playing around. In fact, when riding, you’ll probably make more noise than the sex machine itself. 

This sex toy responds to your body motions and does not have complicated remote and control panels. Besides, it does not require a power supply unit or a motor, nor does it need an electric speed controller.

Fuck Whenever You Want

For some of us who prefer sex with no strings attached (especially when humans are involved), this rocker provides mind-blowing stimulation. The best part of it is that you can use it whenever and wherever you want!

You don’t need to hold back or feel shy when using gliders alone since it is a machine, and you can have it anytime you wish. 

Couples may decide to use a monkey rocker if they realize they want to take their sex game to the next level. Additionally, it’s great for solo play, when you’re bored with using your good old hand.

DIY Monkey Rocker Is For Everybody

Sexual pleasure is not limited. Therefore, people living with disabilities can also enjoy sex and experience overdrive orgasms. This homemade sex toy is extremely comfortable even for the physically disabled. If you have a physical disability, you only need to rock back and forth or move up and down to experience multiple orgasms easily without straining.

Sexual Fetishes

Gliders also satisfy various sexual fetishes by individuals or couples. Some people enjoy watching their partners pleasuring themselves sexually; the rocker serves this purpose extremely well. 

Anal sex also feels better with the monkey rocker when you adjust the sex toy to the right position. You can use this handmade sex toy to simulate the feeling of a threesome without adding another person to the mix. Suppose you or your partner wishes to have a threesome, but are not quite ready to introduce an extra person to your relationship. In that case, monkey rockers will serve their delicious purpose. 

The two of you, plus an extra machine that can be controlled as you please, will add to a fascinating threesome. Consequently, you will be assured of privacy, intimacy, and an extraordinary sexual experience.

Maximize Your Sexual Pleasure

These devices for couples give you a partner-take-over opportunity when the pleasure is too extreme during an orgasm. In that case, your partner may take control over the handle or pedal movement as you tremble with sexual excitement.

Riding has never been more exciting; this toy gives you the rare, yet pleasurable opportunity to exercise your cowgirl freedom. A sex glider makes riding more enjoyable, since you move at your own speed and rhythm, controlling your angle of penetration and the depth of the thrust.

No STD’s

Another great benefit of using this sex toy is it helps in preventing health risks such as STDs. You are always in charge of your monkey rocker, and no one will use it unless you want them to. Besides, after reaching the climax, all you need to do is clean the toy and store it in a safe place until your next session. 

Good Workout

When riding, the process of rocking your hips back and forth helps with hardening and toughening your waist and even thigh muscles. So, why go to the gym when you can work out on a monkey rocker and thoroughly enjoy your ‘workout’?         


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