Breakproof Homemade Penis Pump in 14 Easy Steps

An immense cock and DIY — is there anything more appealing to us guys?

Making your very own homemade penis pump enables you to enjoy both!

Allow me to reveal the surprisingly simple way to obtain a pumped-up penis — at little cost and with no embarrassment!

Benefits of a Homemade Penis Pump

  • Light on the wallet.
  • Simple to make, even for the novice DIYer.
  • Utilizes everyday household items.
  • Eliminates the embarrassment of purchasing a pump.
  • Allows you to try-before-you-buy.

Why Make a Homemade Penis Pump?

Show me a man who says he doesn’t want an enormous penis, and I’ll show you a liar. Studies indicate that only 35 percent of men consider they have a large penis — and even they aren’t satisfied. And, less than one percent wished their member was smaller.

In my experience, sporting a substantial penis increases self-confidence and elevates sexual satisfaction in your partner.

But, no one wants to undergo the pain, cost, and possible side effects of surgical penis enlargement.

A pump offers a safer alternative.

My experience aligns with previous research that found when used regularly — penis pumps can increase the length and girth of your penis.

However, while buying one of these proven machines from a reputable manufacturer is the ideal route — it can have some downsides, including:

  • Embarrassment — do you really want to buy a penis pump from a sex store… Obviously, indicating to the staff you have a small member?
  • Cost — making a safe and scientifically proven pump incurs costs to the manufacturer, which can make them expensive.
  • No try-before-you-buy — you could spend a great deal of money to find that the pump doesn’t deliver results, nor do you enjoy the sensation.

Hence, making a homemade penis pump is cost-effective, embarrassment-free, and allows you to test the penis enlargement water.

DIY Penis Pump Safety

Your DIY pump has not undergone any safety testing — and your penis is an extremely sensitive and delicate organ. BE VERY careful using a homemade pump. Should you experience any pain, or notice a change of color in your penis, cease use immediately.

How to Make a Homemade Penis Pump?

When you make your pump — take your time. Remember, this is going to fit around the most sensitive area of your body.

What Do You Need To Make a Penis Pump?

Plastic Bottle

Our experience shows that you should use a soda bottle. It has the advantage of usually being transparent, so you can see your penis inside the pump. Ensure, however, that it’s relatively thick. If it’s not substantial enough it will simply crumple when you apply a vacuum.

Additionally, check that it’s larger than your member — both in length and girth.

Cutting Tool

Crafting (my favorite) or DIY knife is perfect. Avoid using a miniature saw. You need a blade with a sharp edge but with no serrations. Otherwise, you will create a rough cut in the plastic. This could injure your penis area when you insert your penis into the pump.

Cotton Pads or Foam

Use these to cushion the cut base of the bottle and ensure that you have a secure seal. This will mold around your member and makes the homemade penis pump comfortable to use.

Gaffer or Duct Tape

Our experience shows that this needs to be industrial/electrical grade tape — regular Scotch tape is insufficient — as it will not create an airtight seal.


You need fine-grade paper (around 150-220 grit) to smooth off any sharp edges from your cuts.

Vacuum Cleaner & a Hose

The cylinder type is more useful than an upright as they’re much more portable and easier to operate when your penis is in the bottle pump. 

Making Your DIY Penis Pump:

  1. Remove and discard the bottle top.
  2. Take off any stickers from the bottle to allow you to see clearly inside.
  3. Clean the bottle thoroughly (I mean it!!). I suggest a little warm water combined with a detergent that isn’t going to invoke an allergic reaction in your member — such as a baby bottle sterilizer.
  4. Using your cutting tool, remove the bottom of the bottle to make a cylinder. Try to make your cuts as clean as possible — since your penis will be going through this hole, and you need to have a secure seal.
  5. Use sandpaper to smooth off any rough edges from your cuts.
  6. Place the vacuum hose over the bottle top — so the rim of the bottle fits inside the hose.
  7. Secure the hose around the top with duct tape. Our experience shows that this needs to be a tight seal, so don’t scrimp on the amount you apply. PRO TIP: Use your fingers to ‘mold’ the tape around the join so that there are no air leaks.
  8. Cushion the bottom of the bottle (where you made the cut) with a combination of tape and cotton pads. As this will be pressing against your skin — make it as comfortable as possible.
  9. Plug in the vacuum cleaner.
  10. To test the homemade penis pump (and make adjustments simpler) don’t try it on your penis just yet. Instead, push the base of the bottle onto your stomach — and turn on the vacuum (on its lowest setting).
  11. You should feel your skin being gently pulled up into the bottle. If not — you have a leak. Identify its location and seal it with tape.
  12. Once you’re happy that your bottle cylinder is airtight — insert your penis. Ensure that there’s a tight seal at the base of the shaft, and again turn on the vacuum.
  13. Sit back and enjoy the sensation of your penis swelling with blood. My experience shows that you must not go for lengthy pumping sessions right away, instead start slow. Your very first session can be as short as 2-5 minutes.
  14. If you find the power intensity is insufficient, crank up the suction level on your vacuum (must have a choice of settings).

Alternative Homemade Pump Idea

  1. Get a large (500-700ml) oral syringe made from plastic.
  2. Clean the syringe thoroughly.
  3. Remove to the end of the syringe using a crafting knife.
  4. Smooth the edges with a sandpaper or use heat (i.e. lighter).
  5. Cushion the bottom of the syringe where you made a cut.
  6. Put your penis in there and create suction by pulling back the syringe plunger.

Is It Sensible to Make a Homemade Penis Pump?

To be totally honest, not really. It’s a nice DIY sex toy project, but that’s all it is.

For me, they can function as an interesting experiment — allowing you to feel the sensations of penis pumps before you buy one. But as effective and safe tools — they’re sadly lacking.

Firstly, there’s the risk of injury.

Jagged and sharp plastic edges from the water bottle can cause cuts and scrapes — on the top of your balls, pubic fat area, and on your penis. And, if you haven’t adequately sterilized the bottle before use — you could be looking at a nasty infection.

What’s more, connecting up your precious member to an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner isn’t really the best idea.

Too much suction, and you can damage the skin, helmet, and delicate erectile tissues of your Johnson — which may create irreversible damage

Professionally manufactured models have been tested by experts for safety — unlike your homemade penis pump.

And finally, results can be hit and miss.

Leaking seals, too large a volume in the bottle, and a weak vacuum can mean you spend hours inside your pump — but don’t enjoy any returns.

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The Advantages of Professional Penis Pumps

While a DIY pump may seem tempting — it’s not the best option.

Using a professionally made penis pump from a respected manufacturer has numerous benefits, including:

  • Manufacturers have researched and tested the efficacy of the pump.
  • They are safe to use.
  • You can buy online with no embarrassment.
  • The pumps are airtight.
  • They are comfortable and hygienic.
  • Come complete with instructions for results-driven use.
  • Arrive with a manufacturer’s guarantee.

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Homemade Penis Pump Conclusion

We all want the self-confidence and ecstasy-inducing pleasure that a larger penis can provide.

And, penis pumps are a proven way to take your Johnson to porn star proportions, at least for a short period of time.

However, while making a DIY penis pump can save you hard-earned dollars — it’s unlikely to give you a solid nine-inches.

In fact, it’s more likely to provide frustration, and perhaps even lead to an injury that you don’t want (believe me).


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