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A clit pump is a small suction device with two functions. First, the suction itself is pleasurable enough that it can get many women off on its own. Second, it draws blood into the clitoris, making it more sensitive for a while afterward.

This makes it easier for her to orgasm during sex or by other means. But clit pumps take the money and a bit of time to get, and sometimes you don’t want to wait. Below are some ways to get the suction you want from things you have around the house. 

Quick and Simple Homemade Bottle Clip Pump

One of the simplest ways to make a clit pump is this. Use a small, flexible bottle big enough to hold about eight ounces–about the size of your typical single-serving bottled water.

  1. Wash the bottle thoroughly.
  2. Squeeze about half the air out. (Less air equals more suction.)
  3. Rim the mouth of the bottle with lube.
  4. Place over your clit and relax your hand, letting the bottle draw in the air. This will create suction.

Make Your Own Clit Pump Made From a Vaginal Douche

If you want something sturdier and a bit more comfortable and predictable, a reusable douche may be the DIY pump for you. It’s smooth, made for your body, and its suction can be altered by adding varying amounts of water. To use the douche as a clit pump:

  1. Make sure the pump is clean.
  2. Add a small dab of lube to the douche opening.
  3. Squeeze out half to most of the air/water inside.
  4. Fit the douche opening over your or your lover’s clit.
  5. Release the pressure to create suction.

How To Make a DIY Clit Pump Sex Toy from A Drinking Glass

If you have sturdy shot glass and access to hot water, you have what you need to make a somewhat larger-than-usual clit pump. Be a little cautious with this one: wet glass is slippery and could be dropped, and this DIY sex toy could burn you if the water is too hot.

  1. Clean your shot glass thoroughly.
  2. Run the glass under hot tap water, or place in a bowl of hot tap water for one minute.
  3. Quickly press over your clit and hold it there.
  4. As the air cools inside the glass it will create suction.

Get Crafty with Craft Syringes To Make Your Own Clit Pump

If you have plastic craft syringes lying around that haven’t been used, you can easily convert one into a DIY clitoris pump.

  1. Cut down the plastic nozzle so that it fits against your clitoris.
  2. Sand the cut edges with fine-grit sandpaper to ensure it’s smooth.
  3. Add a dab of lube to the tip.
  4. Place the tip against the clitoris and carefully draw back the plunger to create suction.

Clit Pumps: A 101 Guide

Mechanical Vs. Automatic Clit Pumps

Two basic types of clit pumps exist. There are mechanical pumps, which use a bulb or syringe design to create suction. There are also automatic pumps, which use a powered suction device. Either one may include a vibrator as well.

Mechanical pumps take a bit more work but allow you greater fine control over how much suction is used. They also tend to be cheaper. Pretty much all DIY clit pumps are fully mechanical.

Automatic pumps tend to be stronger, and are a lot less hands-on, though like mechanical versions they usually have to be held in place. Though most are adjustable, even the low settings of suction may be too much for some people.

Clit Pump Benefits

Whether you’re making your own clit sucker or buying a premade pump, you now have a toy that has provided several advantages for enthusiasts. Clitoral pump benefits include:

  • Provide a unique sensation among sex toys.
  • Are enjoyable enough to bring many women to orgasm even without vibration.
  • Temporarily make the clitoris larger and more sensitive, enhancing sex and sex play.
  • Can help women overcome problems with orgasming thanks to the above
  • Reduces the need for lube if used prior to sex.

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Clit Pump Drawbacks/Dangers

Using a clitoral suction device can be a paradise for many women, but it does come with its problems and risks.

  • Some may find the sensations too intense or even painful.
  • Too much suction may injure the clitoris, possibly permanently.
  • Makeshift clit suckers made of glass may break and cut you.
  • Unsanded sharp edges, such as with the craft syringe, may also cause harm.
  • Pumps should never be applied for more than ten minutes to help avoid damage.

DIY Clit Pump Alternatives

As an alternative to DIY solutions, there are commercial pumps now available. They have both mechanical and automatic options available. Besides the cup and pump itself, most have quick-release valves in case of emergencies and to make removal easy and safe. Many also include integrated vibrators.

Some suction devices have removable cups that let you switch from clitoral suction to pussy suction or even nipple suction. Others have specially designed cups with tongue-shaped, bristly, or other attachments inside. The attachments move against the clit or the clit and inner labia.

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Pussy Pump History

The pussy pump is similar to the clit pump but is meant to cover the whole area, including the clit and inner labia, except for the vagina itself. (Using suction toys on the vagina is dangerous and can cause damage). It increases blood flow to the vulva and inner labia as well as the clitoris, making the whole area more sensitive.

Suction devices for the pussy and clitoris started to be specially designed for women in the late 21st century. However, before that, women experimented with the penis pump and other makeshift suction devices.

They made do with devices that weren’t specifically designed for them. The penis pump itself dates back to the early 1900s.

My Experience With Clit Pumps

I have used clitoral suction devices on multiple partners, with varying results. Your mileage may vary, but I definitely keep a few around for their pleasure.

One partner really enjoyed using the pump or having it used on her. She would climax reliably within a few minutes from just the pump alone. She found that adding a vibrator (or using a vibrating pump) was too much for her.

A second enjoyed brief pumping sessions prior to using a vibrator, having sex, or both. In her case, her preference was more enhancing the whole session than getting off the pump itself. Her clit became bigger and much easier to stimulate, and she lubricated enough that she could take larger toys (or me) without added lube.

A third partner likes the sensation but found zeroing in on the clitoris for suction to be too painful for her. She prefers a full-sized pussy pump used at a low setting/intensity.

Making DIY Clit FAQs

Is a clit pump the same as a pussy pump?

No, but almost. A clit pump’s “business end” is smaller and meant to work on just the clitoris. A pussy pump can fit over and apply suction to the entire vulva including the clitoris.

How popular are clit pumps?

There are no actual statistics available yet on the number of people currently using clitoral suction devices. It is known that these devices are becoming increasingly popular. Several articles have been written on this new trend. Online discussion groups on the subject, such as r/growyourclit, are growing rapidly.

Is it safe to make a DIY clit pump at home?

Yes, if you are careful about what you use, prepare it properly and use it properly. For example, sand down any sharp edges, and use lube. Make sure that heated options like the shot glass aren’t too hot (to avoid burns and keep the glass from shattering).

Is clit pumping painful?

Clit pumping should not be painful. If it is, stop using it immediately. Some women find clitoral suction to be too intense for them no matter how gentle it is. Others only find it painful past a certain level of intensity. Experiment to find your proper level, but remember: if it hurts, stop.

What other toys should I include in a DIY clit pumping session?

Using a suction device on the clitoris can intensify orgasm from other sources as well as cause one itself. You can use it with many kinds of vibrators, either holding it against the clit pump or against the body.

(In a pinch, you can do the same with an electric toothbrush). You can provide vaginal penetration with a dildo or similar. You can also add nipple pumps or clamps to intensify the session.

Key Takeaways

  • Clitoris and pussy pumps use suction to improve blood flow to the clit (or clit and labia), increasing their size and sensitivity.
  • Clit pumps help many users with arousal, lubrication, and orgasm by making the clit more sensitive and easier to make contact with.
  • Some women can orgasm from clit pump suction alone, but others will need a vibrator, penetration, and/or nipple play to climax
  • Some people will find clit pumps too intense or even painful even at the lowest setting. Some of those will prefer a pussy pump instead, and some will be too sensitive for either
  • Only use a clit/pussy pump for ten minutes at a stretch.
  • Release the pressure before removing using a quick release valve or breaking the seal with your finger to avoid pain and possible injury.
  • If you feel pain, stop immediately. You can injure your clitoris if you’re not careful.
  • If you do decide to buy a toy, get one with a quick-release valve to make your suction toy play easier and safer.

What’s Next?

Do you or your lover have a clitoris that needs some special attention? Do you or they need help reaching orgasm, or want to intensify sensations? Do you want to try a completely new way of orgasming, or use a tool that helps the clit get bigger and be more sensitive? Then you may want to add a clit or pussy pump to your personal toybox.

While creating or shopping for your new toy, remember that every clit is different. You may want or need different intensities of suction, or possibly find suction too intense. Be mindful of your needs and personal safety, and always consider how delicate the clitoris is. Play safely, and have fun! 


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