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Once upon a time, the thirst to beat your meat was quenched with the tiny slit between the couch cushions. It was either that or using an unsuspecting sock that just happened to give you the right amount of push and pleasure.

Luckily, those times have passed. The 20th century has brought with it some fantastic inventions, and one of those is the introduction of the Fleshlight into our everyday lives. Since then, we have had pocket pussies at our disposal, which can be customized to fit every single one of your naughty needs.

Thinking about fucking your favorite porn stars? Want a realistic sleeve that doesn’t have a death grip? How about pounding your girlfriend while she’s miles away?

Check, check, and double-check!

For those who are scouring a Fleshlight website for the first time, the options can be overwhelming. Not to mention the very detailed descriptions and range of specifications that may turn you off from ever making another search again.

All things considered, getting a Fleshlight is definitely worth it.

What Do You Need to Look Out for When Buying a Fleshlight

Despite the convenience that comes with going online and seeing all kinds of promotions, there are still some risks with clicking on a website and shopping away. Some retailers can be problematic, and some can lull you into a false sense of security with special coupon offers or code discounts before charging you massive amounts for shipping alone.

Potential scams aside, if you have no idea what you’re looking for when choosing a Fleshlight, this guide will give you a basic breakdown on all things Fleshlight related – and some information on how to properly buy your first one!

The Basics of Choosing a Fleshlight

Fleshlights have grown to massive numbers over the years, becoming the most popular male masturbator brand. They claim to have up to one hundred different kinds of textures for each of their sex toys, which can look a bit intimidating if you have no idea what to look for.

Aside from the type of texture, Fleshlights also come in different shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and settings. There are also confusing names and terms that would mean nothing to the average first-time buyer.

Fleshlight Girls, Fleshlight Boys, Fleshlight minis, Fleshlight butt, Fleshlight mouth – it can all be very confusing when purchasing at an online store.

Here are some basics to have in mind.

The Three Must-Haves

Like the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, there are three main components to any Fleshlight. These are the case, the two end caps, and the sleeve. The big difference is, they are holy in an entirely different sense.

The sleeve is your pocket pussy, the thing you actually penetrate. One of the end caps holds the sleeve in place, while the other is adjustable. This way, you can fiddle around with it and increase or decrease the tightness.

Finally, the cap is what closes the lid on the sex toy and keeps it safe from any external factors. It and also masks the appearance of the pocket pussy if you decide to walk around with it in public.

No real Fleshlight would miss any of these components – so when purchasing one online or from a person you’re unfamiliar with, make sure they come with all three.

Fleshlight Sex Toys: What are the Options?

While all Fleshlights sleeves ultimately work the same way, they can all differ massively in appearance. Most of the models that are available online have that distinct ‘realistic’ look to them. It’s essentially a vagina in a cup in that regard. Since it’s supposed to emulate real-life feels, it’s designed to appear presentable enough that you can have sex with it without being uncomfortable.

If that’s not really a concern to you, then just opt for the one that looks the best. However, if you’re one that finds the realistic look of a Fleshlight a bit uncanny, there are other official options to help you feel less weird while still providing you with the same amount of pleasure. Typically, these would fall under the category of Glass, Monster, or personalized Fleshlights. Depending on your taste, you can get some quality masturbation time with your favorite fantasy monster or just a quick fix by fucking something made of glass.

Luckily, they all tread the same price range, so you wouldn’t be paying too much for deciding to go with any of these. Typically, fleshlight sex toys have a variable price, from $35-$70.

For the more inquisitive buyer, there are specialized types of Fleshlights out there that all sell at similar prices. Buying one is just as easy from the official website as through online sellers, with the addition of one special item.

If you struggle with stamina, there are specialized stamina training units (STUs), which can help you hold on longer. If you really want to feel the sweet, warm embrace of a pussy, but without having to DIY it yourself, get a specialized warm lube and go ham. If you want a vibration as you pound, you can always go for a pocket pussy that includes a bullet vibrator as an accessory.

Either way, there is a plethora of Fleshlight options that you can choose from!

The Textures

Before you decide to buy a Fleshlight, you need to understand the textures you are buying or need.

Since this male masturbator was created to be the next best thing since warm pussy, what is inside the sleeve is vital for the kind of experience you want. Every Fleshlight has a different texture, which includes the various bumps, ridges, and canals. Depending on what you want to get out of it, you can find yourself a sleeve with no ridges that are easier to clean or every ridge known to man, as well as those with tight canals, long bumps, or anything else in between.

How to Buy a Fleshlight

Models aside, buying a Fleshlight can prove a difficult challenge when you’re not too sure on where to buy. What may seem like a cheaper option at first may just end up burning a hole in your wallet if you’re not too careful. Or, it may not come neatly packaged in a discreet box like you would probably prefer – which could have a lot of neighbors questioning your nighttime hobbies.

Listed below are some ground rules to consider.

Check for Legit Websites

The first places to visit are the official websites. There are no wrong turns here, as any legitimate company will have a dedicated page where you can buy Fleshlights to your cock’s content. What’s more, you can probably find some nice coupon options or code promotions and save up a good chunk of money. If you spend enough money, you’re definitely going to qualify for free shipping too!

The next best thing are certified sellers. These are people who you can trust and won’t try to scam you out of your money. They have enough customer reviews to ensure that your purchase is going to turn up in one piece and working. Typically, you can find these on a website that already sells some retail (and sex toys). Search for Amazon links, an Etsy page, eBay sources, or any other secure page that you know will reimburse you if things end up going south.

Trust no code offers, coupon providers, or ‘best deal’ codes that you see on shady or random websites. While they can’t harm your purchase, per se, they can easily turn out to be a waste of both your time and energy.

Go for the Best Deals

The best time to buy a Fleshlight is during a good deal. And the best deal comes from special occasions where the price can drop 25-50%. Everybody loves a good discount, and the chance of getting one is usually greater during special occasions – so wait before clicking ‘pay’.

Think Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, and of course, Halloween.

You will usually find a Fleshlight to be a whole lot cheaper than it was a few weeks prior. Depending on the website, some may even offer free shipping for a special assortment of sleeves. Moreover, some sellers may offer special deals throughout the year, which can end up saving you some coin, so you can toss it to your Witcher-inspired Fleshlight instead.

In any case, always search to save!

Return Policies Matter

After shopping for your bundle of pleasure, there is one more element to consider – how you can resend the toy in case it turns out as something not quite what you imagined.

This is where going for a seller is useful. Negotiating for compensation or a replacement Fleshlight will be much more flexible. On the flip side, as with other sex toy stores, Fleshlight will be a little less inclined to give you anything back if you’re dissatisfied. The policy usually goes – if you try it, you can’t return it – so bear that in mind before deciding to purchase a sleeve.


Regardless of what Fleshlight you decided to go for, the fine print is necessary to read before heading into a store. The metaphorical fine print in this scenario is knowing how to buy the pocket pussy and which shops to check out before landing on your sleeves of choice.

Last, but certainly not least – remember to read the instructions and take care of your toy accordingly. That way, you can get the most out of your love muscle rustling without having to order too many new products. Of course, a new batch of pocket pussies every once in a while is always recommended!

In case you are in doubt, try making a homemade Fleshlight, so you’d get a clinch of what these sex tools may offer you.


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