Are Fleshlights Worth It And Should You Buy One?

are fleshlights worth it

For the uninitiated, the name “fleshlight” is a play off the word “flashlight.” You might have also heard them called “pocket pussies.” 

Fleshlights are textured sleeves, usually made of some form of rubber, designed for penetration. The appearance, texture, and capacities can vary based on the brand. 

Regardless, the function is always the same: you insert your penis and start thrusting. Or, for automated models, you slide it on, program a setting, and let it get to work.

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What Comes in the Package?

Accessories (like lubricant) may or may not be included with your purchase. There are four basic components to any fleshlight that you should find in the package:

  • The sleeve.
  • External casing.
  • End cap.
  • Lid.

The Sleeve 

For all intents and purposes, the sleeve is the fleshlight. It’s the gripping, textured part that you stick your penis into.

External Casing 

You don’t want your sleeve getting dusty or dirty when you aren’t using it. The case will protect it when you’re not using it and can be kept on during use too. 

With reusable models, cases are always separate from sleeves rather than fixed. A thorough cleaning would be next to impossible if the two were permanently attached. 


The end-cap enables you to manipulate the suction of your fleshlight. By twisting it, you can increase or decrease the pressure inside the sleeve.


Most models come with a lid that fits over the entry. It prevents any contaminants from sticking to or entering the sleeve while it’s being stored. 

How Does a Fleshlight Feel?

The feel of any fleshlight involves more variables than you may think. Together, these combine to offer you the complete package of orgasmic sensations. 

Every man has his own set of needs, wants, and desires. That’s why you need to factor in the below considerations:


Whatever the texture, is the interior soft and fleshy, or on the firmer side? Some men may like sleeves that feel squishy, whereas others will favor models with less give.


Stretchy sleeves won’t feel as tight, which might be what you’re looking for. Users who desire tightness will want a fleshlight that doesn’t stretch quite as much. 


Textures have evolved significantly since the standard smooth sleeve. Bumps, rings, whorls, ridges—the alternatives are nearly limitless. 

Is a Case Important?

Yes, the case is important as it’s a shield for the vulnerable sleeve. Bulky, oddly-shaped cases can make storage harder than it has to be. 

If the case is made of slippery plastic, it will be hard to hold onto when you use it. Men who plan to bring their fleshlight everywhere with them should prioritize the case design.

Similarly, readers who don’t live alone may also want discreet cases for their sleeves. In case you forget to put your fleshlight away, you don’t want its purpose to be obvious. 

Different Types of Fleshlights and Their Advantages?

There are four distinct varieties of fleshlight: classic, girls, go, and fleshjack. If you’re having a hard time choosing, here’s an overview of each:


Classic fleshlights are a throwback to the simpler, earlier models of the past. The sleeve entry is usually a vagina or anus, although mouths exist too. 

The interior is typically a plain sleeve without any special textures or capabilities. Classics are great for more sensitive men who aren’t looking for overstimulation. 


These models aren’t your standard female orifices. They belong to famous women, mostly porn stars. 

The entry of the sex toy is modeled or cast from the real vagina (or mouth, or anus). If you’re an avid fan of certain porn stars, you’ll be able to savor the thrill of authenticity. 


Go fleshlights are targeted at men who are always on the move. These types tend to be smaller than the average model for convenient transport. 

Casings might not have the company name on it to be unambiguous. Passing through airport security or unpacking in front of friends won’t be awkward. 


Fleshjacks have the same components and structure as fleshlights. The difference is that they’re marketed towards gay men.

That isn’t to say a straight man can’t enjoy a fleshjack or vice versa. It’s more about the advertising: fleshjacks probably won’t have vaginal entries. 

Celebrity models will be modeled off male rather than female pornstars. The separate terms are practical to distinguish between the two. 

What to Consider Before Buying a Fleshlight?

There is a considerable amount of choice when it comes to these sex toys. Although this is a good thing, it does mean that you need to narrow down what you want. 

You don’t want to be over-eager and buy the first model you come across. Determining exactly what you’re looking for will help you get the most out of your toy. 

What Do You Want?

Let’s start with the fundamentals. Ask yourself: what do you want your fleshlight to look and feel like? 

Orifice Type and Options

Do blowjobs get you hotter than anything else? Do you prefer vaginal penetration, or is anal the ultimate delight for you? 

Bear in mind that the orifice entry and texture may be wholly different. The sleeve entry can be fashioned to look like a mouth, vagina, anus, or even ass-cheeks. 

Anal models are usually tighter than vaginal and oral ones. However, that isn’t a guarantee: it will depend on the model.

You might buy a sleeve with a vaginal entry but a ribbed, whorled texture. The interior doesn’t have to be based on the genuine article—manufacturers are creative.


Don’t forget texture, another crucial feature that can make or break your experience. This is especially vital for men looking to boost stamina. 

Too intense, and you may find it painful rather than pleasurable. Or that every masturbation session finishes in less than 10 seconds.

If it isn’t stimulating enough, your fleshlight will end up discarded shortly after you receive it. You won’t progress very far with increasing your stamina either. 

Penis Size and Sensitivity 

Always check the depth of the model you’re thinking of buying. Almost every model is sufficient for the average penis length of 5 to 6.5 inches.3

Men with larger members will have to be more selective. An inability to thrust all the way into the toy can take you out of the moment.

Sensitivity is another criterion to factor in. Hypersensitive users may find certain textures or sensations (e.g., vibrations) are too much to bear. Aiming to increase your stamina is fine, but not at the cost of causing pain without progress. 

If you aren’t circumcised, excessively tight or textured models may be unwise. Men with foreskins are more likely to report pain during sex—be mindful if this applies to you.4

Men with less sensitive penises should feel free to choose textures with greater intensity. 

Visual Considerations 

You want to be visually engaged as well as physically. It’s a fact that we men respond well to visual stimulation—the look of your toy matters.5

Should It Look Realistic?

The realism of the entry is entirely up to you. Some entries are non-anatomical, meaning they don’t resemble anything in particular.

Others are standard mouths, vaginas, and anuses. They can look lifelike, slightly artificial, or fake based on the model and type. 

What Are Your Fantasies?

Aside from quality, your fantasies should play a role in your selection. The whole point of a fleshlight is to satisfy you sexually—in all respects.

Girls-type models are based on the intimate areas of popular porn stars and erotic models. If you have a particular star in mind, you can search for her likeness. Anime enthusiasts might prefer entries that look cartoonish instead of realistic.

Your Budget 

Settle on a fleshlight budget before you start shopping. Automatic and luxury models are pricey, upwards of $100. 

How much can you afford to shell out on the toy itself? If necessary extras like a cleaning kit don’t come with it, how much will it cost to buy?

Buying an Automatic Fleshlight: Special Considerations

Automatic fleshlights come with their own set of concerns for the discerning buyer. You also have to factor in these criteria:

Available Sensations 

Automatic models are an investment, meaning you want good value for your money. Ideally, you should have the ability to control and customize sensations. 

Can you choose to lower or increase vibration intensity? What about other factors, like suction and tightness? 


You don’t want to dread operating a complex piece of machinery every time you get hard. The device should be straightforward to program and set up. 

How Long Does It Hold a Charge?

How much time will you have with your fleshlight before the battery dies? Is there a significant difference in time between the least-intense and most-intense settings?

Users who want to have long sessions with their model will want batteries that can hold a charge for a long time. 

Charging: Standby and Time 

You don’t want to find your sex toy demanding to be charged after a day of disuse. On the same note, charging shouldn’t take hours to complete. 

Check how long the model can stay on standby for (if available) and average charging time. You don’t want to be caught with a hard-on and nowhere to put it but your hand. 


If the model of your choosing has a plug rather than a USB cable, make sure it works in your country. Voltages across the globe aren’t universal, and you don’t want to fry your new toy. 

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What Accessories Can You Buy for Your Fleshlight?

There are intriguing accessories you can buy for your fleshlight to amplify your experience and assist with care. Think about saving up for one or more of these:

Sex Toy Care Kit

I’ll begin with an obligatory accessory before covering the optional ones. A sex toy care kit can keep your fleshlight looking and feeling like new for longer, if used correctly.

These kits usually incorporate a powder and liquid cleaner, often with a lubricant. It’s also best for your sleeve to use fleshlight-specific cleaning products. You want it to retain the original texture and tightness for as long as possible.


The Vstroker is a virtual reality system compatible with certain fleshlights. You connect your sex toy via a Vstroker end cap to your laptop and sign up to the site.

The program monitors how fast you’re stroking yourself. The girl in the video you select will respond accordingly to your movements.

You get to see the POV of the man having sex with her for increased realism. You’ll still be watching a computer screen, but it’s more interactive than porn. 


The LaunchPAD is in the same category as Vstroker. You hook your fleshlight up to a special case that connects to your iPad. 

Once you’re signed up, you’ll be able to choose between different girls to have virtual sex with. You’ll be able to see the male actor’s POV and she’ll react based on the pace and intensity of your thrusts.

USB-Powered Warming Rod

Rather than messing around with bowls and water, you can use a USB-powered warming rod. 

This device brings your fleshlight up to a welcoming, lifelike temperature. You insert the rod into your sleeve, plug it into your laptop or a wall socket, and wait.

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Hands-Free Adaptor

Hands-free adaptors turn your manual fleshlight into a hands-free sex toy. These adaptors can include:

  • Suction cups to hook your fleshlight to a wall at the height of your choice.
  • Padded cushion-like gadgets to hold your fleshlight in place during positions like missionary or doggystyle.
  • Devices that turn your manual fleshlight into an automatic one.

Shower Mount

Users who relish the thought of hands-free masturbation in the shower will want a shower mount. 

As the name suggests, it’s a waterproof suction mount for your fleshlight. Set it to the right height for you (kneeling or standing) and get started. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This section answers questions new fleshlight owners may have. Experienced users might find some useful information down below too. 

Side Effects from Using a Fleshlight?

Keep your sleeve clean, and there aren’t any direct physical dangers to warn you about.

Users with partners may want to be upfront about using a fleshlight. You don’t want your significant other accidentally discovering it when you aren’t home.

Can You Use a Fleshlight With Your Partner?

Speaking of partners, why not use your fleshlight for mutual satisfaction? Have your partner tease you with it before sex, or bring you to orgasm by controlling the pace.

What If Your Fleshlight Breaks?

The return policy and guarantee will vary based on the product and the company. The largest manufacturer, Fleshlight, offers a 30-day return policy from purchase.

If the item you ordered arrives broken or damaged, they should send a replacement. Ensure that you file your complaint within 90 days of having bought your fleshlight.

How Long Will Shipping Take?

That will depend on your location, the company, and the type of shipping you choose. Paying extra for priority mail will get your sex toy to you within less time. 

Will the Packaging Be Discreet?

Your package should look like that of any other non-sexual item. That means a plain cardboard exterior without any mention of fleshlights or sex toys.

How To Get The Best Out of Your Fleshlight?

There are a plethora of ways how to use your fleshlight. You can use it for “Hot and Cold Play”, “Hands-Free”, “Masturbathing“, “Stamina Training” or even include your partner to your orgasm journey. 


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