How To Eat Ass Like a Sex Guru + Best Sex Positions To Try

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There are no strict rules when it comes to eating each other out during sex. Oral sex has many benefits when it comes to both sexual pleasure and emotional bonding.

For a very long time, a rim job was not considered a part of oral sex. But, because of its growing popularity and uniqueness, it has garnered more eager fans.

Ass Eating: One of the Few Sex Acts with a Kick

There are two types of people who love eating ass in: those who’ve tried it and those who like it but feel prudish about it.

Well, ass-eating has been one of the few sex acts that have divided people’s opinions on whether it’s actually pleasurable or not. Women and men experience the act differently, so the sensation depends on the receiving and giving end.

So, the answer is yes. Eating ass brings many people an incredible sensation and not to mention a natural lubricant for anal sex.

The following are some tips needed to properly munch on your partner’s behind.

Eating Ass: What’s a Rim Job?

To do a world-class rim job, you need to know something more about the sacred art of butt munching. Eating ass includes all factors concerning your partner’s asshole. Eating it, licking it, kissing it all things surrounding your partner’s ass, you name it.

Before you go about licking your partner’s anus, make sure you are given consent. Sadly, this act can frustrate many women who have no interest in trying it. Some women prefer getting their pussy nibbled on instead of getting their ass eaten.

Ass play has a lot more male fans than female. That’s because women find it harder to fully relax during sex. Especially with you sniffing on at their backside. So if you’re looking to become a first-class ass eater you have come to the right place!

How to Connect through Mouth to Ass Sex?

Before getting started on your ass-munching and tongue-flipping duties, you and your partner need to address sex openly. If your partner is open-minded and willing to give it a try, make sure to get them as comfortable as you can.

The backdoor is not a very pleasant area to get touchy with for women. Kudos to the ones who have no issue with their behind getting eaten but some want nothing to do with it. Your butthole represents the end of your digestive tract.

This means that it’s the dirtiest area in the human body.

Don’t let these facts scare you, though. With proper hygiene and maintenance, you and your partner can have the cleanest-dirtiest sex of your life.

If you’re wondering whether licking leads to pleasurable sensations, know that the butthole is an extremely sensitive area. It can cause pain and pleasure, depending on which road you two are taking.

“Because the anal opening is richly endowed with nerves, this area can be very sensitive and sexually arousing.”

by Linda Alexander, Judith LaRosa, et. al.; Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2009
from New Dimensions In Women’s Health

The Tips You Need

To relax your partner before giving them a rim play make sure you compliment them and mention that they have the sexiest butt ever. For maximum effects, try whispering sweet nothings and take some time to actually kiss your partner’s butt cheeks.

Another good thing to mind is to always engage in a lot of verbal or physical reassurance.

Apart from compliments make sure you do a lot of cuddling, squeezing, and rubbing.

Digestive Health

Before engaging in some ass-licking fun, there are some things to know, food-wise.

If you are on the receiving end, then you have a lot of prep to do. No one likes dirty butts, especially while eating them. So, a nice long cleaning session will leave the area spotless and ready for action.

“Washing the genitals before intercourse helps remove bacteria.”

by Hyde; DeLamater; McGraw-Hill Education, 2016
from Ebook: Understanding Human Sexuality

If you have some butt hair, waxing is your best friend. Apart from being unappealing to look at; butt hair also carries a lot of bacteria that your partner might accidentally eat or swallow. What’s worse, this can cause the transmission of STDs like herpes and HPV.


We know that the area around the butt consists of very delicate skin. So, removing your backdoor hair has to be done gently, thoroughly, and carefully.

If you are a woman and don’t do bikini waxing, then your best choice for removing those pesky hairs is with gentle shaving cream.


Having a clean ass before having it eaten is a must before going into some more ass play. If you need to go to the bathroom make sure you use a lot of toilet paper and maybe an exotic-flavored lube.

Because the between-ass-cheeks area produces a natural smell that you might not find pleasing, use lube scented with sweet fruits. This way, your partner can feel like he’s gorging on a watermelon while enjoying you and your body.

If you want to be extra careful with odor you can try using a guy’s douche.

How to Properly Eat Ass?

We don’t want to be blamed for bad rim jobs so we will try to simply explain the best ways for the perfect ass eating.

First, ensure both you and your partner have already consented to the sexual act and are fully relaxed.

Next, simply start by caressing your partner’s butt cheeks before you spread them. Women might find this a bit annoying but it will be worth it when she’s all hot and ready.

After some cuddling, treat your partner with some oral sex and then ask them to spread their legs as wide as they can.

Put Your Tongue to Work

The best way to start your journey is through some light licks, using just the tip of your tongue. You can also flatten the surface area of your tongue, to give it more wetness. Give yourself some time to lick on and explore the territory well before you dig in.

Once you see that your partner feels amazing, continue moving your tongue in a circular motion. Because the area is so sensitive, your partner can quickly reach sexual arousal and climax.

“Some people enjoy becoming sexually aroused anally, because there are numerous nerve endings in that area.”

by Jerrold S. Greenberg, Clint E. Bruess, Sarah C. Conklin; Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2007
from Exploring the Dimensions of Human Sexuality

If you see that your partner’s getting bored with the circular licking motion, quit with the repetitive motion.

Instead, experiment with speed, direction, and pressure. Do that light tongue-flicking thing or even do a ‘wazz-up’ with your tongue! You need to get all up in there.

If she encourages you, you can always shove your tongue deeper. This is when you go for it.

What are the Best Positions for Eating Ass?

The best positions for butt eating require direct contact with both the recipient and doer. Some of the most common positions done for booty eating include doggy or the ever-popular facesitting.

1. Facesitting

A position like face-sitting can have any woman screaming in ecstasy. By having your girl sit on your face, she has control and can decide on the direction, speed, and pressure of the act.

2. Doggy

This position is perfect for couples, as you get a clear look into what you are doing and where you’re doing it. As per Lifehacker, you have to focus on the sensitive area around the anus and circle around it avoiding the same motion.

3. A Breath of Fresh Air

If she feels insecure about the natural smell you can use some rimming lube to wet things down a bit. Another piece of advice after eating the booty is to always have a mint. A cooler breath will not give away signs that you have just dined on some ass.

It’s All for Good Fun, But…

At the end of the day, not everyone will agree to ass-munching. Some find eating ass incredibly hot while others feel so much shame after.

If you have a certain someone, make their butt a special place of worship from time to time. It will not only help you improve your sex life – it will forever change your perception of what it looks and feels like to enjoy your first ass-eating extravaganza. And who knows, one day, you may let your partner do you the favor for a change.


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