How To Make a Girl Squirt | All You Need To Know

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It takes a lot more than simple fingering to get your girl to a full-blown squirting orgasm. If you are looking for new ways to take your partner to Satisfaction Avenue, you have come to the right place.

To experience female ejaculation first-hand, you first need to pay close attention to a set of rules and guidelines. The female body is a complex wonderland filled with different triggers and senses that can tickle her highest form of pleasure.

Get that G-Spot (aka Gräfenberg spot)

The long-believed enigma, the female squirting, is a stimulation of the clit and G-spot inside the vagina. When combined, the two stimuli will lead up to an extreme female orgasm.

“So if you insert your index finger upward into the vagina and make the “come here” movement, you will touch the G-spot region that exists in some women.”

by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet Oz; Scribner, 2008
from YOU: Being Beautiful: The Owner’s Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty

Squirting stimuli can be created and maintained through different sex positions, quality techniques, dynamics, and emotions. It takes dedication, persistence, and a lot of lube and oils to have your girl holding on to the sheets for dear life.

Not every girl is lucky enough to experience squirting in its full glory. To get you there, these are some of the things you need to know on how to make a girl squirt.

What is Squirting?

As we mentioned before squirting happens through G-spot stimulation, located inside the woman’s vagina. Every woman’s genitals are coated with endless nerve endings. When stimulated, these provide maximum erotic pleasure in the form of a climax.

Despite popular belief, the body liquid that squirts out of the woman is not pee. It is a fluid provoked by the Skene’s glands. It is also known as the woman’s prostate.

“In some women these glands can produce a small amount of fluid that is ejected at orgasm, a phenomenon described as “female ejaculation.”

by Jason Payne-James, Anthony Busuttil, William Smock; Greenwich Medical Media, 2003
from Forensic Medicine: Clinical and Pathological Aspects

The sweet liquid that so many men find fascinating is pretty similar to sperm in texture. The liquid is milky and white in color, unlike pee, and has no odor. It does consist of a substance called urea, uric acid, ejaculation fluid, and creatinine, as per Men’s Health.

It does not have any specific smell or taste. But, some men have regarded the taste as the same one you get while going down on your woman.

How Does Squirting Happen?

When a girl squirts, make room for some showering. After that hot and steamy night, your bed will be soaking wet with pleasure. The liquid builds up in the bladder during intercourse and releases at the point of the ‘big O’. Thus, you should brace yourself for a splashy surprise.

If you want to give your girl an unforgettable night – treat her to a squirting orgasm.

She will definitely thank you and count it as one of her best sexual experiences ever!

As a pro tip, get your water-based lube ready and continue reading down below.

How to Make a Girl Squirt?

Before you decide to provide your girl with the ultimate feeling of satisfaction prepare to be patient and persistent. Never put pressure on yourself or your partner to ‘get there‘.

If you keep asking if she’s there yet you’re just going to prolong it. No girl likes to be asked if she’s about to come, because it stresses her out.

Relaxation is key when learning how to make a girl squirt.

1. Setting the Mood

To increase the mood, play some of her favorite music or better yet a porno for max arousal. Seeing what your partner experiences will get you and her all hot and ready.

You can also engage in a dirty talk session. Compliment her looks. Let her know how good she tastes. Dare be bold and beg for more.

The national magazine company Men’s Health says that a little encouragement goes a long way in trying to make your girl squirt.

2. Go the Extra Mile

Never forget to intensify your G-spot stimulation with other considerations. Play some sexy music and dress the part. Make it a whole happening and make it exclusively aimed at her satisfaction.

If she has trouble getting fully relaxed, spread her legs wide and stimulate her otherwise. Whether she enjoys oral sex, sex toys, or watching porn – it’s a matter of personal preference as long as that G-spot is happy.

3. Sex Toys

If she prefers toys, another pro tip is to use a vibrator to stimulate her clit. If your partner prefers your fingers, insert just one to simply tease her G-spot. A woman’s G-spot is specifically designed to ensure maximum erotic satisfaction. Once you have the sex toy, slowly massage her clit and labia downwards.

This way, she can be prepared for penetration. Take breaks if you feel tired, and let your partner get aroused by porn for a bit. Whatever you do, don’t complain, as otherwise – why do it at all?

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4. Versatile Foreplay

Before teasing your partner’s G-spot, make sure you engage in a lot of foreplay. This is crucial to get your girl horny way before you stimulate the insides of her vagina. Another way to light the spark is to engage in a lot of passionate kissing and physical touching.

If you get her vagina wet, your partner’s clit and labia will begin to swell and darken.

You’ll mostly notice this when she has her legs spread wide. This is a sign that she’s close to a climax and that her tissues are more sensitive and aroused.

This can also mark the beginning of her squirting. Once well aroused, expect her to loosen up the urethral sponge, thus making it more receptive to touch.

“Foreplay is crucial to her heart, the whispering and loving and exploring of one another that culminates in intercourse.”

by John Eldredge, Stasi Eldredge; Thomas Nelson, 2010
from Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul

5. Grab Your Lube

For most people, the most essential thing that you need is lube. Making a girl squirt takes a good amount of time. Therefore, make sure you’re both nice and comfortable before starting.

Women squirt when both the G-spot and clitoris stimulation happen at the same time. There are a few ways how to make your girls squirt and these are some of them: using fingers, performing oral or penetrative sex.

6. Fingering

Fingering represents the classic approach to the inner female climax and it involves two or more of your fingers. Your middle and index finger will do most of the work.

It takes two fingers at least to apply deep pressure against the vaginal wall. Once your partner is ready, start by stimulating her clit first.

When you are finally getting down to business, place your palm upwards and insert your index and ring finger into her vaginal opening.

When you are inside, search for a rough area that has a similar structure to an orange peel. That’s the G-spot area. Now, start caressing and stroking the vaginal wall upwards in ‘come hither‘ motion.

7. Female Ejaculation Body Language

The G-spot is a woman’s erectile tissue, just like the man’s penis. No need for a rush here as when a woman squirts she needs to be fully relaxed. When stroking listen to your partner’s body signals.

This way, you can decide on the dynamics of your thrusting. You can also massage the clitoris carefully or use different silicone toys. Don’t apply too much pressure as it can cause your partner unnecessary pain.

Whenever in doubt on how to provide arousal, ask for guidance.

How to Squirt During Sex: Sex Positions and More

Want your woman to squirt during various sex acts you perform? Start relying on good old sexy positions that get the work done. To hit the right spot, your penis needs to hit the vaginal front wall.

Squirting positions can double the chance of your girl squirting. Women disagree on most sex positions, but these are some of the ones that will always work, according to MindBodyGreen‘s sex educator.

1. Reverse Cowgirl

This position is pleasurable for every person doing it, male or female. The G-spot is stimulated by the penis penetrating inches beyond the vaginal opening. Here, the pelvic floor muscles cramp.

As a result, many women achieve their squirting orgasm when in reverse. This also puts your girl in control, so she can decide on the dynamic that works the best for her orgasm.

2. Doggy Style

Many men’s favorite sex position is doggy style. It is truly surprising that many men find it peculiar that women enjoy doggy style as well. One of the reasons why this tends to happen is because the doggy style makes it very easy for them to squirt during sex.

If you are doing doggy style, try to start with shallow thrusts. You can also use silicone toys to stimulate her clit for extra pleasure.

3. Spooning

This position is perfect for the person who works hard during the day and wants to relax in bed. Spooning is fun, and cozy, and can get as creative as you want.

On one hand, your penis is stimulating the G-spot. On the other, the clitoris is open for caressing so you can apply pressure if needed.

If you apply pressure, have your partner lean back on you. While you stroke her clitoris, circle her insides so she can squirt in style.

Why Make a Girl Squirt?

Paying attention to your woman’s sexual needs is crucial for every healthy sexual relationship.

By providing her with a squirting experience you show her body just how much you adore it. Also, when you are pleasuring her to a point of squirting you receive pleasure as well. Orgasms are just another way for lovers to explore their pleasure limitations.

The best thing about these wet rewards is that there is no rush to achieve them. If a girl squirts, then good for you. If she doesn’t – you can always try again and fortify that bedroom connection that sets your sex life ablaze!


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