Dildos Vs. Vibrators | Comparison of Features

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There is no better way to spice up your sex life than adding a few sex toys. However, with the plethora of options, it might be hard to pick the one that’ll hit all the right spots. 

I understand the dilemma; I felt the same many years ago. 

I’ve used dildos and vibrators for almost a decade now and fully understand what to look for in one. In fact, dildos and vibrators are some of the best sex toys I’ve used.

Let’s explore these two; hopefully, you’ll decide which option works best for you.

So, What is a Dildo? 

Simply put, a dildo is an artificial penis used for sexual stimulation. You can insert it into your mouth, vagina, or butt. 

You’ll find a wide array of dildos in the market in different sizes and shapes. Some are curved (I find these excellent when I’m with a partner who likes their prostate stimulated during sex); others are double-sized, inflatable, etc. 

In addition, some dildos resemble an erect penis, while others, such as fantasy dildos, take the creativity a notch higher.

Here are ways you can tell a dildo apart from other sex toys:

  • They look like a penis, sometimes complete with testicles
  • They might have a harness or straps
  • Some are designed to allow you and your partner to use them simultaneously, known as double penetration dildos 
  • The base might have a suction cup, which enables the dildo to firmly hold onto a surface during penetration 
  • You can even choose a vibrating dildo for extra pleasure

What is a Vibrator?

Some people call them personal massagers or vibes, possibly because they bring good vibes into the bedroom. These are mostly tiny objects that continuously vibrate, providing indescribable pleasure. I’m a huge fan of vibrators because they do most of the work for you.

In fact, you can use them on your clitoris, vulva, nipples, or butt. In addition, men can use them on their penis, testicles, and butt. 

I’ve used dildos that work outside the body – like clitoral massage vibes and those that go inside. Here’s what I discovered: the right dildo for you depends on the design and your pleasure points. 

I find vibrators excellent for solo play because they allow me to control my pleasure and experiment with different sensations. Here’s a summary of the types of vibrators I have tried and what I liked about them: 

The Clitoral Vibrator

This is my favorite when I want to experience pleasure without a partner. I also use it when having intercourse with a partner because, let’s be honest – penetration is not always the best way to get you to pleasure town. 

These little gadgets are an excellent way to put your pleasure first. Yes, it’s okay to be a bit selfish when it comes to pleasure. 

The Massage Wand

Remember when we used to call them neck massagers back in the days? Well, we’ve come a long way in matters of sexuality. With its varying vibration intensities, this pleasure wand offers incredible orgasms. 

The Rabbit Style Vibrator

This is probably my best-kept pleasure secret when it comes to pleasure. It has a head that works on the inside and a vibrating bit that works on the clit, offering a combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Who doesn’t want that?

Suction Vibrators

One thing I can tell you about the suction vibrator is that it feels nothing like the others I’ve used. While the others provide a rambling sensation, suction vibrators deliver pulses. To put things into perspective, they almost feel like oral sex. 

Vibrator for the G-spot 

This toy works both when I’m alone and with my partner. The vibrator is shaped to penetrate and reach your G-spot or your partner’s prostate for that extra stimulation. With the perfect vibrator for your sexual needs, you’re in for next-level pleasure. 

Are there Similarities Between Dildos and Vibrators?

There is virtually no limit to what you can do with these sex toys in the bedroom. An interesting similarity is you can use both types of toys for individual and partnered sex. For instance, you can have the dildo for double penetration and the vibrator to stimulate the clitoris during regular sex.

The Difference Between a Dildo and a Vibrator

The fundamental difference between the dildo and the vibrator is that the former usually don’t vibrate. The vibrator comes with a pulsing, rumbly, or buzzing sensation for extra pleasure. 

Another interesting difference is that while vibrators are a recent invention, dildos have been around for years. As a matter of fact, the oldest ones were made of stone, wood, and ivory. But thanks to new technology and softer materials like silicon, most modern dildos feel more natural and come with additional functionalities.

Vibrators have existed since the 20th century. Initially, they served as back massagers. Then they started showing up in porn videos before making their way into our bedrooms. 

How Does Using a Dildo Differ from Using a Vibrator?

There’s no doubt that both dildos and vibrators can take your sex and masturbation experience to the next level. But there are some fundamental differences in how they provide this pleasure.

For example, I use a dildo for vaginal stimulation and to also reach my G-spot. I find the dildo designs with a suction cup quite a step up because I can set one up on a level surface (like a floor) and ride it hands-free.

When using the suction vibrator, I only have to fit it over my clitoris and adjust the suction settings to what allows me to drive to climax. As for the wand, I only hold it over my vulva and allow it to do its thing. 

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What is a Vibrating Dildo?

Back then, dildos were simple pleasure objects with no electrical components. However, things have changed. It is now possible to have and enjoy a vibrating penis. 

The vibrating dildo is longer than the conventional vibrator and will reach inside your vagina or anus for better penetration.

I’ve used a vibrating dildo and, with time, discovered some unconventional tricks you’ll probably enjoy trying out. For example, I’ve had some really explosive sessions using the vibrating dildo on the clitoris and nipples. 

The intensity of pleasure depends on the material used to make the vibrating dildo. For instance, some are made of materials like cyber skin and jelly. I highly recommend cyber skin texture if you enjoy a soft vibration that slowly takes you over the edge.

Dildos made with silicone and vinyl are excellent when you need a more intense vibration for extreme pleasure. 

Top Seven Reasons Why You Should Own a Dildo

Before I started using sex toys, I thought they were overhyped for no reason. However, once you include one or two of these additions in your sex life, there is no looking back. 

Here are about seven ways that dildos have positively transformed my sex life.

1. Improves My Sex Life 

Sex toys are a sure way to improve the quality of your sex life, whether alone or with a partner. Sometimes, sex with your partner can leave you yearning for more, but that’s not something you’d be worried about when you have a dildo.

These toys allow you to have longer foreplay. In fact, most of the orgasms I’ve had in my entire sex life involved a dildo.

2. Boosts My Self-Confidence

I used to be very shy in the bedroom before I started exploring sex toys. Instead, I relied on my partner for pleasure, which didn’t always work because I didn’t even know what exactly I wanted him to do to me. 

However, incorporating dildos gave me the confidence to explore my innermost sexual desires. I learned a lot, including positions I didn’t know I’d be confident enough to try, such as the reverse cowgirl. My confidence in the bedroom has taken a turn for the best since.

3. Improves Sexual Intimacy

You already know sexual intimacy is what keeps the relationship going. When you introduce a dildo into it, pleasure explodes, and the relationship grows even stronger. I no longer have to fake orgasms; as a result, my partner and I have achieved true intimacy. 

4. Provides True Sexual Satisfaction

When shopping for dildos, you’ll notice they come in different sizes, materials, and features. This is because a lot of research goes into their design. 

Most of the time, dildos reach my G-spot better than my partner. I also think having a dildo relieves some of my partner’s pressure to perform in the bedroom, which makes sex authentically pleasant. 

5. Promotes Better Sleep 

Good sex that leads to orgasm improves the flow of endorphins, leading to better sleep. Introducing a dildo into my sex life gave me long hours of deep, restorative sleep.

6. Helps Solve Certain Sexual Problems 

Have you and your partner had a rough time with intimacy because of issues like him “finishing” too soon? Well, that’s not an unfamiliar problem. I experienced that myself for years (before I discovered dildos). 

The dildo will improve your sex experience, especially if your partner needs more support in bed. You won’t have to worry about them cumming too fast or not being able to sustain an erection long enough to make you reach orgasm. 

A recent survey shares my exact sentiments – at least 28% of female participants in the dildo survey said that they bought a dildo because they wanted to experience an orgasm. 

7. Lowers the Risk of Prostate Cancer

Other studies have shown that men who ejaculate more have a lower risk of contracting prostate cancer. In addition, anal stimulation in men brings quicker and more intense orgasms. 

Top Six Reasons You Should Have a Vibrator 

Vibrators don’t just vibrate – they can change your sex life. Here’s how and why:

1. Expands Your Pleasure Points 

In my opinion (and experience, of course), using a vibrator is the easiest way to experience orgasm, whether alone or with a partner. Each vibrator has different modes and settings that allow you to explore pleasure points you haven’t experienced before. 

2. Makes It Easy to Work Through Sexual Issues

Before using a vibrator, I had this recurrent issue where my muscles would contract before sex. It made penetration very uncomfortable. 

But then I discovered that placing a vibrator on my clitoris during foreplay made me wet and relaxed my muscles. As a result, my partner says the sex is much better, and I believe him.

3. Helps With Stress Management 

When you experience orgasm, your body releases two hormones: oxytocin and dopamine.

Oxytocin is also known as the love hormone, and you probably already know why. This hormone promotes that connection between you and your partner after sex. So next time your partner asks to cuddle right after sex, it’s probably oxytocin speaking.

Then there’s dopamine, the hormone responsible for pleasure. Combining oxytocin and dopamine leads to reduced stress and a general feeling of wellness.

Ever wondered why most people, especially women, glow after good sex? Now you have an answer. 

4. Improves Bladder Control

Your Kegel muscles contract and relax a lot when using a vibrator. This is the exercise your bladder needs to control your bladder. 

5. Good for Heart Health 

Did you know that using a vibrator to achieve an orgasm might have the same effect as a short cardio session? You can’t deny that there’s no better feeling than getting an orgasm and burning calories simultaneously. 

That’s what a vibrator does to you! 

6. Is it Easier to Clean Dildos than Vibrators?

The interesting thing about dildos is their simple design. They usually don’t have folds or cracks and crevices where dirt and bacteria might hide. On the other hand, vibrators are a little tricky but not impossible to keep clean. 

Some users claim that cleaning their vibrators in the dishwasher does the trick, while others prefer handwashing. Here are some quick tips for cleaning your vibrator:

  • The first and most important thing is to read the manufacturer’s instructions. This is because some vibrators may contain materials that can’t stand certain cleaning agents.
  • Use warm water and soap to clean the vibrator unless the manufacturer’s instructions say otherwise. You may also use alcohol wipes to disinfect it. Then, use a clean paper towel or towel to dry the vibrator.
  • Some vibrators come with a UV sterilizer that does most of the cleaning and disinfecting. In that case, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results. 


Below, we’ve answered some of the most common questions our readers ask about dildos and vibrators.

Can I Buy Both a Dildo and a Vibrator?

Yes, you can have both a dildo and a vibrator. I have a selection of dildos and different vibrators to switch up my experience whenever I feel like it. 

Is a Dildo Cheaper Than a Vibrator? 

In my shopping experience, the price varies from one model to another, whether it’s a dildo or a vibrator. I noticed that the more functionality, the higher the price. 

For example, some dildos come attached with vibrators, meaning they can penetrate and vibrate at the same time. Of course, you don’t expect such a toy to be priced the same as one that won’t vibrate. 

What is a Massager?

A massager was originally used to relieve pain in the shoulders and neck. However, it has been modified into the magic wand we now use for clitoral stimulation. 

Many publications like the Wirecutter, WomensHealthMag, Glamour, GoodHouseKeeping, etc. claim that Magic Wand is the best vibrator of all time. 

The bottom line is that if you want to spruce up your bedroom experience, get a vibrator and dildo. Each has its unique way of taking sexual exploration and pleasure to the next level.


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