Squirting Dildos: Your Wettest Tryst Awaits

Sex toys can be created with the satisfaction of all kinds of kinks in mind! While some are intentionally outlandish, others try as best as they can to emulate parts of the human body.

There are some, however, that manage to do both of these things at the same time!

We believe that squirting dildos definitely fall into this category.

By taking the notion of ejaculation – something endemic to the male and, sometimes, female body – and transforming it into the mechanically triggered function of a dildo, sex toy designers have truly outdone themselves!

This is both in terms of realism – and in terms of playful extremes.

By this point, you’re probably wondering what exactly squirting dildos are, how they function, what they can do, and who they are meant for.

If you’re even flirting with the idea of getting a creative dildo for yourself, you’re more than welcome to read our in-depth description and guide – along with a few suggestions towards the end.

The Best Cumming Dildo for You

Whether you’re a novice with a limited amount of cash to spend, or a gourmet, sex-toy expert, willing to invest in an ejaculating dildo that will last a lifetime, you may find something to your liking in at least one of our top-rated squirting dildos!

The Lifelike Lover Classic 6-Inch Ejaculating Dildo

This 6-inch long realistic-looking dildo is the best one to start with if you’re new to the squirting world.

With an ultra-realistic design (bulbous tip, bulging veins, wrinkled balls included) it will surely remind you of your absent boyfriend!

Its full-length measures 6 inches, but its insertable length and circumference are, actually, 5 inches each. In other words, while not quite small, it’s not the biggest squirting boy on the market either.

It comes with a black bulb, which hangs from underneath the balls. To fill it up, first, squeeze it to release any stored air, then submerge it in the squirting liquid – and release.

Your realistic squirting dildo is ready!

Price: $36.99

Doc Johnson Bust It 7-Inch Vac-U-Lock Ejaculating Dildo

This Doc Johnson ejaculating dildo is a special and even feisty one!

With an insertable length of 7 inches and a circumference of 5.75 inches, this massive boy is both incredibly realistic, and unbelievably versatile!

It comes with a detachable, Vac-U-Lock suction cup, that makes it suitable for hands-free action, but it is also compatible with a harness! Whether alone or with a strap-on-wielding partner, this Doc Johnson realistic dildo will surely make your dreams come true!

Fill it up with the syringe, attached to the dildo via a tube, and get ready to moisten things up!

And moisten things up you will!

This dildo also comes with a bag containing ‘Nut Butter’ – a homemade fake cum, specifically designed to look like real ejaculate.

Just apply some lubricant and you’re good to go!

Price: $59.99

Fetish Fantasy 7.5-Inch Ejaculating Hollow Strap-On

Take it to the next level with a firm, PVC, 8.5-inches long, hollow strap-on, realistic squirting dildo!

It is, allegedly, meant for, mainly three categories of people:

  • Fetishists who want to try out pegging;
  • Lesbian couples who want to enjoy the thrills of realistic penetration;
  • Men suffering from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, who wish to satisfy their partners.

Not only is it perfect for female couples, but its hollow inside – measuring at about 1.75 inches – allows men with smaller penises to insert their members in a longer, stronger shaft, always potent and ready to cum!

Waterproof and submersible, this dildo comes at a total length of 8.5 inches, but its insertable length is 7.5 inches, whereas its circumference at 6.25 inches.

Dip this realistic dildo in lubricant and shoot!

Price: $69.99

8-Mode Vibrating, Thrusting, Rotating, Heating, 8.5-Inch Squirting Dildo

Other dildos can only dream of being as cool and versatile as this 8.5-inches, vibrating, heating, ejaculating dildo!

No regular dildo, not even other squirting dildos have ever come close to this guy!

Although noticeably pricier when compared to the other entries on this list, this dude can do more than just produce his own semen: it stretches up to 1.2 inches of extra length, heats up to 380, and functions as a remote-controlled vibrator with 8 different modes!

It will vibrate, rotate, and thrust, before squirting all over you! You may need to charge it for 2 hours before use, but when it’s done, you’ll be in for a treat! Attach the suction cup wherever you want and ride on!

Price: $67.70

What is a Squirting Dildo?

A squirting dildo is a dildo that can simulate human ejaculation. Typically, the dildo is hollow, and its insides can be filled with a liquid of your choice.

Most of the time this liquid is either a lubricant or a special, whitish fluid that’s meant to evoke the look – and feel – of semen. The liquid is usually ejaculated when you press a pump that can be separate from (but connected to – the dildo, hidden inside the “balls”, or attached to a small hose.

At times, the liquid is contained in a syringe connected to the dildo via a tube. All you need to do is press the syringe and BOOM! – you’re showering in fake semen.

Aside from this “specialty”, squirting dildos are almost identical to normal dildos – they can come in various shapes and sizes, they can be made from a plethora of different materials, and can be used for both vaginal and anal insertion.

There is no specific way in which the liquid is made to be dispensed: you can spray it on your body, in your mouth, the vagina, even the anus – the world is yours to explore. Take the dive!

How Ejaculating Dildos Work

It’s okay to still have some questions about this whole… “apparatus”.

First of all, how do you put the fake semen inside? What do you do with it?

Feeding Your Dildo Liquid

There are two main ways in which you can get the ejaculating liquid inside the dildo.

The first one – which we somewhat alluded to before – is through a syringe.

Fill your syringe up with the desired liquid, before connecting it to the tube which goes to the dildo’s bulb. Press the syringe, filling the bulb with the liquid.

Great! That’s it! You’re done!

The other option sees you squeezing the bulb (or the balls) itself while dipping the head of the dildo inside the liquid. By releasing stored air, the dildo will quickly suck the whole mixture up, storing it for future use.

Releasing the Tension

Logically, once you’ve stored some juicy load, it’s only expected that you’d want to release it, spraying it all over yourself – or your partner.

Just wait until you start climaxing and let your plastic boyfriend fill you up! In most cases, you can do this by simply squeezing the bulb. The pent-up “tension” will explode!

The dildo will throb as if it was a real penis, while you are getting soaked in its rejuvenating fluids.

Some more realistic squirting dildos opt for hiding the bulb inside the “balls”. That way, when you want to experience the “showers of life”, you won’t have to be reminded that you’re playing with a plastic man, attached to a bulb.

Simply press those nutty orbs and enjoy the release of well-deserved sticky liquids.

Bizarre as they might sound, squirting dildos would, indeed, make your sex life much more interesting!

Back and Front

No, not that, you naughty one, you! We’re talking about the importance of what you do with the dildo before and after use.

Before using it, always apply a sufficient dose of lube, preferably some water-based lubricants of your choice, for the best experience. You don’t want to injure yourself, do you?

Once you’re done, never forget to thoroughly clean your favorite sex toy – it will thank you for it!

Just like you will thank the best dildo for the most realistic squirting action you’ve ever had!

The Perks of Using a Squirting Dildo

When discussing the perks of squirting dildos, we don’t really list all the pros and cons traditionally.

Rather, in a more conversational manner, we were thinking of possible reasons why you may prefer ejaculating dildos over normal dildos, or even, over a real-life partner.

Contraception-free Creampies

The most obvious reason would be the following: you can’t get pregnant, and you can’t get an STD!

Of course, you can’t get any of these things with other sex toys as well, but many people – especially women – might have a cum-related kink, that they’ve been too afraid to try out.

Whether you’ve always imagined what it feels like to be ejaculated into but haven’t dared to attempt it with a human partner, or, on the contrary, you’ve always found bodily liquids repulsive, but would still try something new with a synthetic toy, an ejaculating dildo poses as a solution to both these problems.

You can enjoy creampies, bukkakes, literally any and all semen-related fetishes, without dreading the consequences!

Moreover, if you’re one of those who find bodily fluids disgusting, this could be a good chance to see how that milky white color looks and feels like, before leaving your comfort zone and engaging with your partner’s semen.

Purposeful Lube

Another perk which squirting dildos offer is the justification for lube.

True, it doesn’t always have to be fake semen that’s inserted inside the dildo. You can fill it up with a water-based lubricant and you can spray your body with it at the beginning, or during your sexual intercourse (or alone time).

The squirting penis adds a bit of personality to the process of applying lube, additionally stimulating your fantasy.

You’re in Control

Finally, talking about the stimulation of dirty fantasies, isn’t it every woman’s dream to see their partner orgasm at the same time as them? Or, if not, to do so at their command?

Squirting dildos allow for just that – precise control! Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can make this fake penis cum whenever you feel like it.

Climax at the same time for some soul-crushing sexual experiences, or make him cum at the beginning of the foreplay, showing how irresistible your sex appeal is!

At the end of the day, all sex toys are meant to serve your fantasies, and this one, specifically, can play the main character in many of your kinky scenarios.

Who are Squirting Dildos for?

Like with all other types of dildos, we can safely divide the audience of ejaculating dildos into beginners and experienced users.


Regardless of your background, a beginner would be considered anyone who isn’t very experienced with squirting dildos, dildos, sex toys, or, even, sex itself. Whoever you are and whatever the reason for you getting this particular sex toy if you feel like it’s a good introduction to sexual experiences you’ve always felt curious about, go for it!

For instance, if you’ve never had real sex with a man, and are nervous about him ejaculating in or onto you, you can practice for your approaching first date with this plastic dude instead!

Similarly, if you’re one of those people who, for whatever reason, have never had someone finish inside them (yet have always wanted to experience this), this would be a perfect opportunity to try it out! It is completely risk-free!


On the other end of the spectrum, however, we can talk about experienced users. When discussing them, it’d be more difficult to provide examples for specific scenarios, as these people already know what they like and don’t like, as well as what they can tolerate.

Maybe they’ve grown bored with their standard kinks and fetishes and want to try out something new! Maybe they are into messy sex and enjoy bathing in bodily liquids. If their partner’s away, and they desperately need a substitute to soak them up, a cumming dildo may truly save the day!

At the end of the day, as we said, it doesn’t matter who you are and why you’re interested in getting a squirting dildo – all that matters right now is to find the right one for you.

And to do that, you would need to consider some essential features.

Squirting Dildos: What to Look for When Looking?

There are several categories of dildos, classified according to different features. Depending on your preferences and particular health conditions (for example, allergies to certain materials), you can choose between a wide variety of products.

We’re here to help you locate the best ejaculating dildo for you!


Like other types of dildos too, squirting dildos are mainly made out of PVC plastic, silicone, jelly, or latex. You needn’t worry – they’re all phthalate-free!

Even though most of these materials would be “okay” – unless you have a latex or jelly allergy, of course – we, personally, would recommend you go for silicone squirting dildos.

Although they might be on the spicier (and pricier) side, they are much better quality and tend to balance out the sturdiness and softness of the product much better. You don’t want a dildo so flexible and meek that you can’t even put it inside you!

Regardless, all of these materials aim to be as realistic as possible, and they are all capable of releasing very powerful and realistic squirt!

Also, be aware that some dildos, which are simultaneously vibrators too, may have a different feel and build in comparison to their simpler counterparts.

Whatever you do, as long as you don’t go for some cheap dildos made from low-quality materials, you’re good! PVC, latex, and medical-grade silicone are all waterproof, submersible materials, which are easy to store and clean, while looking (and feeling) very realistic and flesh-like.


Again – as with other types of dildos, so with ejaculating dildos! They come in all shapes and sizes, with varying overall length, insertable length, and circumference. Some are adapted for vaginal, while others are intended for anal penetration. Most, though, are adapted for both!

If you’re a beginner, you should probably opt for a good dildo with a relatively normal size. Based on what you want to use it for, the squirting mechanism might be enough of a “stretch” in your particular case. Don’t push it with the length, though.

If you’re more experienced with overly massive dildos, however, feel free to go all out! Ranging between 6 and 12+ inches, these dildos are made to satisfy any kind of vagina or anus! Some are even equipped with an especially curved tip, so as to tickle your G-spot!

Many normal dildos come with this bonus too but combined with the squirt, these ejaculating dildos can really revolutionize your sexual experience!

Also, beware of the difference between total length and insertable length (as well as girth)! Not every inch of that silicone monster cock is meant to be “swallowed”, realistic as it may seem.

One more thing – the pouch! The bigger the bulb, the stronger the squirt! If you’re mainly planning on using the squirting mechanism for facial and oral sex, stick to a smaller pouch. Big, thick pouches are mainly intended for deep vaginal or anal play.

You just squeeze the balls while the dildo is up there and the strong squirt will rack up your insides!


Finally, let’s discuss the coolest, cheekiest quirks that come with some of the best squirting dildos.

Firstly, many realistic ejaculating dildos come with a suction cup base, providing you with a first-grade, hands-free experience! Alone, or with a partner, just stick the dildo to a flat surface and let that cum flow!

Another cool thing is that some of these dildos come with pleasurable ridges, meant to additionally stimulate your orifices. Squeeze the balls and the dildo squirt will make that ribbed surface slide up and down, in and out, catapulting you straight to heaven!

And if heaven is what you’re aiming for, there’s no faster ride there than with a vibrating dildo! Depending on the particular product, you can get something that will shake and pulsate, making you climax, while producing the closest thing to real ejaculation that you can imagine!

Have we tickled your imagination? If so, we might as well suggest a few of the best ejaculating dildos that you can find on the market at the moment!


As you can gather, many manufacturers have tried their best to create an ejaculating dildo that will satisfy your demands and desires.

All of the products outlined above are made from safe materials and come in discreet shipping packages.

With prices increasing along with a toy’s size and extra features, our short – but well-thought-out – an array of products is meant to inspire and excite even the timidest of customers.

For example, while the Lifelike Lover is rather short (and rather cheap), it’s nasty enough to seduce you into the squirting-dildo world, which you could later explore with the Lifelike Lover’s clearest opposite – the 8-mode remote-controlled dildo!

Between these two options – the simplest and the most complicated one, the cheapest and the most expensive one, you could probably settle for Doc Johnson’s prime example of a belly-ripper, the best a classic squirting dildo could offer!

Alternatively, the Fetish Fantasy strap-on may seem too reserved for a strap-on, but it sure is a great 2-in-1, especially when compared to the Lifelike Lover and the Doc Johnson.

It’s tough to decide, we know. All of our boys are irresistible!

Whoever you are, don’t worry – there’s a perfect ejaculating dildo made just for you!


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