Ball Busting Explained | This Is What You Need To Know

Ball Busting | The pleasure of pain!

Every couple has a different view when it comes to the comfort of sexual intimacy. Some tend to keep it safe and romantic, while others are craving hardcore BDSM pleasure. The more pain – the more pleasure!

BDSM involves a lot of sex scenes and activities that can be performed. It all depends on individual needs and desires. In the end – sex is much more than just physical pleasure. It can also be a way of building a healthy relationship and trust among the partners. 

Sexual experiences are unique for every person out there. We all know what can make us horny, and which position can drive us crazy and give us the utmost pleasure. It is all about knowing the pleasure points on the body. We all have them. Most of the pleasure points are known, however, there are some pleasure points in the body that give us the hesitation to venture towards. Especially when it comes to his pleasure points! 

If your partner is a person who likes pain, there is a great way of giving him the ultimate pleasure of pain. Have you ever heard about ballbusting? Without further ado, let’s find out more about this powerful sex move.

What is BallBusting?

Known as the extreme kind of sex pleasure, ballbusting is generally torture of the cock and balls involving the testicles. As the name states – it means busting his balls. Now I know it sounds scary and painful, but at the same time, it allows the man to experience the most extreme sexual pleasure. In fact, many men are doubtful when it comes to this kind of sexual activity. Why? Because the balls are the weakest point on a man’s body, and busting his balls – will put the man in the most vulnerable position ever – weak and dominated. However, some men love it!

The idea of sexually inflicting pain on his testicles and penis is also tempting for a lot of women. Females love the fact of being in charge and having power over men. So, a sexual experience where the man is submissive and the woman is dominant is a win-win for both parties. He gets the pleasure, and she will get the enjoyment of being powerful. 

Ball-busting involves a lot of techniques and ways of how it can be done, though. Most of the time, busting his balls can be performed with binding, hitting manually, squeezing, testicles striking, or using the hands or feet. However, ball busting can also be done with the aid of special BDSM torture devices such as paddles, whips, and floggers. 

What to do before performing Ball Busting?

As much as Ball Busting sounds hardcore and exciting, it must be performed with some safety precautions. In the end, the testicles are man’s most precious part of his body. And you will be applying pain to them. 

To avoid any unwanted situations, it is important to talk to your partner and have his full consent before the BDSM act. Get to know his likes and preferences as well as what NOT to do. Another thing that is important to mention is a Safeword. Always have a safe word in case one of you wants to stop in the middle of the act. 

Most of the time, what can seem sexy and pain-free on a porn scene, can be damaging if performed without knowledge. Meaning –  do your research and read about it before jumping in the act. Discussing the pain is another must-do on the list. The level of pain that one can endure is different, so knowing your partner’s limits is a ground factor for this kind of BDSM sexual pleasure. Furthermore, if you are using any torture aid devices, make sure they are clean and fully sanitized before use. 

Ball Busting can be quite a satisfying sexual experience for a couple if performed properly. It is all about being comfortable and taking the pleasure out of the vulnerability. Plus, there is no shame in enjoying your sexuality to the fullest. If you are into ball busting, just remember- an honest conversation with your partner about your needs and desires can go a long way.

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