BallBusting, Explained | The Pain Play On Testicles

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“We gon’ have a ball, might as well pick a testicle” -WuTang Clan

Key Takeaways

  • Ballbusting is an intense kink that can satisfy a man’s need for pain and humiliation.
  • You must do it carefully and with a lot of communication to prevent serious injury.

What Is Ballbusting?

Ballbusting, known as tamakeri in Japan, is a subset of cock and ball torture (CBT). Most commonly, this is heterosexual activity. It’s a woman doing the busting, who may take a sadistic pleasure in making a man writhe.

Many men into ballbusting enjoy not only the pain but the idea of being sexually controlled and humiliated, usually by a woman. Some want it as a spicy part of foreplay. For others, it’s the focus of the whole experience.

People into ball busting focus their pain play on the testicles. They do this by using a mix of pressure, impact and restriction to give their subs a jolt of pain and endorphins. Some men are literally turned on by being kicked in the balls.

In fact, this is the most common thing you will find in porn based on the subject: the Domme giving her sub a smack in the goolies, often while wearing fabulous shoes. However, an actual sub’s preferences can vary a lot.

Ballbusting Safety

Busting balls require care, focus, and attentiveness to a sub’s specific needs and limits. I can’t emphasize this enough. Make sure you know your sub well, and your sub knows their desires and limits well, before trying this.

“Indeed, a mantra constantly chanted within the BDSM community is “safe, sane, and consensual.”

by Karen E. Lovaas, Mercilee M. Jenkins; SAGE Publications, 2007
from Sexualities and Communication in Everyday Life: A Reader

Done right, ballbusting will leave a sub in an ecstatic mix of pain and endorphin high. Done wrong, it can end in a hospital visit–and possibly, a permanent end to playtime with that sub.

There are kinks, and then there are expert-level kinks. Focusing on the family jewels gives you a huge opportunity to please pain enthusiasts – and a chance of causing real harm. The danger can add sizzle to your scene, or ruin it.

Some guys want to push ballbusting to an extreme and don’t feel satisfied unless they spend the rest of the weekend with a bag of frozen peas on their groin. But you should never assume that an actual injury, even a minor one, is what your sub is looking for. Talk first. Make sure.

Here’s why:

  • A force of fifty pounds or more can rupture a testicle. Less than fifty pounds of force may still lead to testicular hemorrhaging. That’s the ballpark for what it takes to literally bust balls. Obviously, this is not what you want in a scene!
  • Twisting or striking a fellow’s funbag too hard or the wrong way can also cause testicular torsion. The Venture Brothers television show gave us an excellent short PSA video on this injury, which often requires surgery.

In short, balls are vulnerable. Striking below the belt is even banned in combat sports, to protect people’s ability to have children or otherwise still have sex. Not, by the way, because it can be reliably used to end a fight. That means that cheap shots are not a replacement for physical fitness and training. Mortal Kombat isn’t real.

If a sub is trusting you with his balls, he’s putting himself at your mercy in a very real way for his pleasure and yours. Reward him not just with pain, but by guarding his health.

And needless to say, don’t drink/do drugs and ballbusting. You’re going to need all your focus. Drugs and alcohol can also increase pain tolerance and lead to the increased risk of more permanent injuries.

Ballbusting Session, Explained

So you and your partner want to fortify your BDSM relationship by adding ballbusting to your playtime activities. You’ve read our advice, you’ve talked things over, and one of you wants to take a shot to the balls as part of his pain and submission play.

“Typically, the sadist or dominant partner will inflict pain on the masochist or submissive partner, as a form of sexual play for both partners.”

by Margo DeMello; Greenwood Press, 2007 
from Encyclopedia of Body Adornment

Now, what do you do?

Working Toward The Perfect Ballbusting Session

The iconic ballbusting move is a kick to the groin, from the front or back. You can do this barefoot or with shoes. If you use shoes, spike heels are traditional, but some people also love boots or business shoes.

However, it can be difficult to moderate the strength behind a kick. Thus, many people use their hands instead, to slap, squeeze, strike or even punch the testicles. You can also use toys such as floggers or paddles. Each one of these types of stimulation is different, and each has its fans.

If you’re both beginners, you may need to carefully experiment to find a type of ballbusting that you both enjoy.

Finding the Sweet Spot

What you really want is to find that specific range of pressure, force, and aim that will provide the right amount of pain without crossing the line into causing damage. It may look easy in porn, but professionals work hard to make it look that way. Don’t use porn as a how-to guide for this or any other kink.

Many people actually go too lightly at first because they’re worried about causing serious harm. You can correct inadequate pain upward a bit at a time until you get a feel for what “just right” is for their sub. But whatever you do, don’t overcompensate and hit your sub as hard as you can!

Watch Your Form

Beginners to ballbusting should pay attention to not only things like what shoes they’re wearing, but how their foot is positioned when they kick. Point your toes forward, not up, to help avoid injury. Be aware of spikes, buckles, etc. that may hit your sub’s bits when you kick or stomp.

The same is definitely true of a knee to the groin. This move squashes the balls against the man’s pelvic bone, which can cause serious injury if done too hard. Make sure you know what you are doing before trying this. Pressure play may be a better use for your knee or your foot.


Subs who are unaroused when you start will quickly spring to attention, and may even climax from the impacts. Others come out of the session still feverishly horny, so make sure that you have more planned than just ballbusting. They’ll want to “bust a nut” again by orgasming.

The Humiliation Aspect

Often, subs who like ballbusting wish to be humiliated, controlled, and in a sense emasculated by a strong, dominant, and sometimes cruel woman. To satisfy this, the domme may insult him, laugh at him, or force him to debase himself while providing pain. Make sure that you know how much humiliation your sub likes.

There is something inherently funny about a man getting hit in the nuts. Which is why “Man Getting Hit By Football” was so hilarious on the Simpsons. Have fun breaking his balls about it.

Tie It Up, Tie Me Down

Some partners add constriction play to the mix by using penis and testicle bondage techniques during the ballbusting scene. Whether using ribbons or a cage, the restriction adds to the feeling of vulnerability and can enhance sensations.

You may have to change the way you ballbust to accommodate this, however. Depending on the bondage material and type, you might have to go more lightly to avoid injury. Also, like any form of bondageonly bind the balls for a short time, such as only during the busting session itself.

Ball Busting Aftercare

The amount of aftercare needed after a ballbusting session varies with what you did, how hard, and what your sub’s pain tolerance is. It’s smart in any case to have that bag of frozen peas on hand in case of unintentional or intentional bruising.

Personal Experiences

I’ve tried ballbusting in the past and enjoyed it. I’m a switch and enjoy the attention of a good, strict dominatrix in fabulous shoes.

I am not into the extremes of pain and humiliation that some of my friends are who like getting their balls busted. But giving up that much sexual control to a dominant woman can be very hot.

The ballbusting experience is about a lot of things besides pain and endorphins. It mixes sensory play with elements of power, humiliation, submission, and endurance. It is always an intense experience, which I love.

Ballbusting FAQs

Does Ballbusting have to involve ball-kicking?

Ballbusting does not have to involve kicking or even the use of the feet at all. Impact play such as slapping, punching or using a paddle, squeezing, binding, or using toys such as stretchers and cages can all be part of the ballbusting play.

Does Ballbusting injure the Sub?

Ballbusting should be done to avoid more than mild injury unless bruised and swollen balls are specifically what the sub wants. Some minor bruising and swelling can develop from even light play. Keep that bag of frozen peas handy.

Do I have to include humiliation in my Ballbusting session?

Being struck in the balls is inherently at least a little humiliating. That may be all that your sub needs to get him where he wants to be. Talk to him beforehand to find out what he likes, and be considerate. Using too much humiliation in a scene can ruin it for the sub.

What’s Next?

Give your male sub a sensory jolt he’ll never forget by taking the discipline straight to his family jewels. Enjoy the endorphins, and feeling of being totally controlled and dominated by a woman. No matter what side of the Ballbusting game you’re on, it’s a hell of a ride.

Learn and talk with your play partner about Ballbusting to make the most of your sessions and ensure their safety. And, as always, with all BDSM activities, make sure you trust your partner and have a safe word!

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This post was initially written and published in October 2021 by Sexologist Robert Thomas. In September 2022, Oliver rewrote the article to improve its truthfulness, accuracy, and depth.


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