Cyberskin Dildos: Arousing Experiences Packed in a Box

The world of sex toys can be as crazy and out-there as the most imaginative of us can picture it!

Yet, sometimes, a realistic feel is precisely that little, magical touch we need. You can go insane with metal and plastic, but nothing will truly tickle your imagination like a realistic Cyberskin dildo!

You could be male or female -or somewhere else on the gender spectrum, experienced, or thrillingly naive, alone, or with a partner – and you could still make the best use of a sex toy that aims to perfectly emulate the look and feel of a real-life male penis.

So, what are Cyberskin dildos exactly? Who are they for?

Delve into the realms of pleasure as we present to you one of the most detailed Cyberskin dildo reviews and take you on a quest to discover the sex toy with the soft skin of a real penis.

What is a Cyberskin Dildo?

In essence, Cyberskin dildos share most of the same features as other types of dildos. They’re usually made from PVC plastic, rubber, or silicone, they vary in length and circumference, can have a suction cup, and can be used for both vaginal and anal penetration.

What makes them unique, however, is the design of their outer layer – they tend to be as realistic as possible, usually having the shape, color, and texture of a human penis.

Often equipped with a wrinkled set of balls, they are mainly defined by the Cyberskin material on their surface; this can disguise even the craziest, vibrating cyber cock into a fleshy, ultra-realistic male member.

What Can a Realistic Cyberskin Dildo Do?

Well, whatever you want it to… naughty!

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably in possession of at least one hole where you can house these creative sex toys!

Regardless of whether they’re vibrating or not, you can introduce a Cyberskin dildo to your vaginal or anal – maybe even oral – cavity! There are, virtually, no limitations to what you could do with them!

A tame dreamer, or a libertine with exquisite taste, these realistic dildos have got you covered (and impaled)!

The Cyberskin Dildo: Who are These Sex Toys for?

Cyberskin dildos can be enjoyed by beginners and experts alike.


If you haven’t experimented much with the ins and outs of “lower body fitness”, you might want to start out with something simple and lifelike.

By going for a medium Cyberskin dildo or a smaller dildo – 3-4 inches in length- equipped with balls and all that jazz, you will find that the Cyberskin material will help you get the exact same stimulation that you’d usually get from real sex with a real man.

In this sense, the size is just one of the “beginner” traits of the dildo. Before trying colder metals, beads, and other, wackier instruments, an image of the real deal will seem like a tamer introduction to the world of sexual diversity.

A warm, wholesome welcome of sorts. It’s like the dildo is saying “Hello there! See? I’m not too different from what you’re used to! Except I don’t need to wear a condom! And I’m a tiny bit more versatile!”


When it comes to choosing a fit Cyberskin dildo, versatility can, indeed, go a loooong way.

Because, you see, at the end of the day, Cyberskin dildo or not, the toy has its designated purpose.

Meaning, you can put dildos on spikes and machines, you can wear them as strap-ons, you can make them vibrate, you can inflate and deflate them, twist and twirl them, even stuff them everywhere you want!

An experienced user would, first of all, probably go for a large Cyberskin dildo, something around 7-8 inches long (and comparatively thick), already pushing the boundaries of the “real thing” by going for a superhuman size.

And that’s just the beginning!

The Special Feature

Some Cyberskin dildos come with a vibrating motor. Meaning what? Dildos and vibrators merge into one!

You can regulate the tempo and intensity at which they penetrate you, allowing for your new, suction-cup Cyberskin dildo to become a much better partner than some boring dude with arms and legs.

Cyberskin Strap-On

Yet, despite it all, arms and legs need not be completely excluded from the games you play between the sheets.

Maybe instead of some quality alone time, you want to employ your new sex toy in some sensual partner play.

Whether you’re two chicks looking to spice things up in the company of a… stick, or a guy who can’t decide between a vagina and an anus – you can just easily strap things up and you’re good to go!

Which is the Right Realistic Dildo for You?

And that should pretty much cover potential consumers!

Now, to get to the good stuff: what would be the best Cyberskin dildo for you?

Depending on your profile and preferences, we put together a list of five contenders. See if some of them catch your eye.

The Blush Super-Flexible 4-Inch Realistic Dildo

This super-flexible dildo by Blush is the epitome of realism!

With a length of 5 inches (insertable length of 4 inches), incredibly lifelike balls, and a flexible circumference of around 4 inches, it is the perfect introductory sex toy.

Whether you want to use it for vaginal or anal sex, this little, nasty boy won’t disappoint!

Soft and bendy as it is, it will feel like a gentle caress once you put it inside, making you question your decision to stick to humans until this point.

It is completely waterproof and submersible, making it ideal for repeated use. Just don’t forget to give it a nice bath in lube before using it!

Price: $19.99

The Lifelike Lover 6-Inch Classic Realistic Dildo

This guy has a well-deserved name – the Lifelike Lover. The logical progression after the small and flexible baby-dildo for beginners, this 6-inch long dong comes in four different shades of human skin (depending on your ethnic preferences) and comes with a suction cup base.

Suited for both vaginal and anal play, feel free to stick it to any flat surface and use (or abuse) however you see fit!

Furthermore, this boy isn’t of the jealous type, so, if you want to, you can put him on a harness, or attach him to an O-ring, and feel free to use it as a strap-on.

The behinds of both women and men will be thankful for it!

It’s not too flexible, which makes its insertable length (5.5 inches) and circumference (5 inches) that much more impressive to feel.

Price: $26.99

The 5.9-Inch Realistic Strap-On Dildo

Why is it always guys that get to have all the ding-dong fun? Girls want some, too!

And now girls can get to get some too!

This realistic dildo strap-on is meant to be worn by a good girl who wants to show her girlfriend (or curious boyfriend) what she is capable of!

With a total length of 5.9 inches, this dude is definitely not for beginners! Stroke him, poke him, tug him, squeeze him – he’s flexible, so he’ll like whatever you do to him!

He’s more of a real man than most men are! Women will be entertained as they’ve never been before!

Interestingly, this dildo’s 1.38-inch width makes it a versatile tool for some “rear play”. Anal toys have never seemed more fun!

Price: $34.90

The Doc Johnson Black Thunder Realistic Vac-U-Lock 9-Inch Dildo

Modeled after real-life porn performer Black Thunder’s private parts, this 12-inch long Cyberskin dildo will not only rip your stomach apart but will also demonstrate, in a sublime fashion, what realistic really means.

Reserved only for the most experienced consumers out there, this girthy, super-realistic dildo comes with a nutty set of balls and a suction cup.

But what really makes it stand out are two things.

Firstly, its sheer size: 9 inches insertable length and a circumference of 7 inches.

Secondly, its shape: just like Black Thunder’s buddy, this dildo, too, comes curved at the top, leaning toward the left side. What’s more realistic than this?

Nothing’s kinkier than our real-life imperfections!

Price: $69.99

The 8.5-Inch 8 Mode Vibrating Thrusting Heating Remote-Controlled Cyberskin Dildo

We said that dildos – a Cyberskin dildo in particular – can get crazy, and we truly meant it.

Remote-controlled, 8.5 inches long, rotating, vibrating, thrusting, and heating, while still being as realistic as you can imagine, this utterly insane suction-cup dildo can show you what humans could do if they were superhuman!

Just charge it for about 2 hours, and let the fun begin!

It has up to 8 different modes and an additional option for a 1.2-inch extra stretching length!

Its gigantic size, augmented by the real-feel Cyberskin dildo texture, the bulging veins, and the saggy balls, is just the start of the crazy journey it will take you on! Whether you’re a guy or a girl, whether you stick it up to your bum or up your kitten, it will shake, thrust, and twirl you until even you, yourself, don’t feel human anymore.

By now, your lust has, hopefully, been satiated.

Price: $67.70

The Verdict & What to Choose

So, have you made a final decision yet?

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced connoisseur of carnal pleasures, we bet you found at least one impressive thing on our list!

All of these products are tried and tested – they’re all waterproof and submersible, latex and phthalates free, they all come in discreet shipping packages and, as long as you’re in the states, come with free shipping!

As for the dildos themselves, you can choose from a wide variety of options to choose from.

Take your pick between the 4-inch Blush dildo, specifically tailored for sensitive novices, or the 6-inch Lifelike Lover that, unlike the previous dildo, can show you what a real man feels like. Or, you can fancy something like the Black Thunder 9-inch dildo, with its gigantic size and ultra-realistic curve ready to teach you a lesson!

Compared to these relatively classic alternatives, we also offered the strap-on dildo and the absolutely insane 8 mode dildo, for those of you who want to push the “realism” to extremes.

Wear that dildo as if it was a part of your body!

Make it shake, twist, vibrate, and ejaculate! Make realism feel new and fresh! That’s the magic of a sex toy!

A Cyberskin dildo’s price usually follows its size – the small, beginner dildo is also a relatively safe investment, while the bigger and more impressive ones require a higher price to pay.

Big boys tend to cost more, after all.

All things considered, regardless of whether you crave the intimacy of a real human being or want a throbbing machine that will take you to the heavenly heights of pleasure, whether you’re on a budget, or you’re ready to dish out on some life-long toy-boy, our list has got you covered.

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