DDLG Rules Explained | Daddy Dom Little Girl Relationship

Some people like to zhuzh-up their relationships every now and thespan. Some simply haven’t found the right thing that sparks butterflies in their bellies.

Ah yes, good old romance – there’s nothing quite like it. However, there comes a time when plain romance can get, well, a bit too bland.

Don’t get me wrong, I too am a sucker for dimmed lights, rose petals, and expensive champagne. But, sometimes I find myself longing for something different.

This feeling is precisely where some forms of BDSM relationships come from, and DDLG is no exception.

Perhaps you haven’t even heard of this term before. Or, if you have, there’s a great chance that you’ve formed a misconception about it.

Whatever the reason is, this is a perfect chance for you to get re-introduced to what DDLG is, why people enjoy it, and how it works.

And who knows – maybe this is exactly what will spice up your relationship.

So, if you’re curious to find out why so many people are practicing DDLG relationships, let’s dive deep.

Defining DDLG | “Daddy Dom, Little Girl”

DDLG is an acronym for ‘Daddy Dom, Little Girl’ and it is a form of BDSM relationship that many couples enjoy being part of.

There are a lot of stigmas when it comes to these types of relationships, but it is important to understand that DDLG is a relationship that happens between two consenting adults. Although terms like ‘daddy’ and ‘little girl’ spark up some uncomfortable feelings, this play is sexually, or even only emotionally, fulfilling.

So, when it comes to kinks or any kind of sexual preferences that are 100% consensual and appropriate – we don’t judge.

The core of DDLG is that there is a dominant and submissive partner. However, things unfold with a lot of role-playing. To be precise – there is a Daddy Dom, Little Girl, and many rules in between.

Partners will get into their roles either when it’s time for the play to begin or when the course of action is based on constant role-playing.

DDLG doesn’t necessarily have to be between a man and a woman. These relationships are common among individuals of all genders and sexualities.

What is A Daddy Dom?

The Daddy Dom role in DDLG is the dominant partner in the relationship. However, unlike other Dom/Sub relationships, a Daddy has a lot more activities he’s responsible for. These are most frequently outside of the bed. The Daddy’s main focus is to take care of the submissive partner depending on the trajectory of the relationship.

Additionally, the daddy figure is the one who makes sure all the rules are being followed. And, if not, he’s in charge of the punishment.

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What is A Little Girl?

The Little Girl role in DDLG is the submissive partner in the relationship. This role is a bit more dynamic, and Littles enjoys being treated childlike. The submissive partner chooses their own role – this includes age, personality, behavior, and even sometimes a completely new look. In some cases the daddy figure will help out in building the Little Girl persona – this depends on the couple’s preferences.

Once a Little Girl adapts to the persona, they walk into what is referred to as ‘little space.’ This space is immensely popular in the DDLG community. There are even different ways for the submissive partner to enter this mindset, according to Sexual Alpha.

Little Girls might enjoy drawing, playing with stuffed animals or toys, watching cartoons, acting cute, or even talking like their younger selves.

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Other Roles

Like I mentioned above, DDLG doesn’t draw the line with cis heterosexual couples.

Other popular variations of this type of relationship include DDLB ( Daddy-Dom-Little-Boy), MDLG (Mommy Dom, Little Girl), and TMLB ( Trans Mommy, Little Boy).

Additionally, CGL or ‘Caregiver, Little’ is an umbrella term for all these relationships. However, DDLG is the most popular and common form. So, throughout this article, I will refer to the relationship by this acronym.

As long as there is a dominant partner and child-like role-playing – it’s some form of DDLG. All the rules and everything surrounding DDLG apply to all forms of these relationships.

Why are People Into DDLG?

There are a lot of misconceptions about why people prefer DDLG; however, the answer is quite simple.

Most littles enjoy walking in their ‘Little Space’ and letting go of everyday stress when they have someone to take care of them. It’s more than just being super cute. Also, many people find it attractive to have someone who’s a Daddy figure, to be their sexual partner as well.

For Daddy Doms, being in full control and power is a thrilling experience. They find attraction when they have someone to take care of, and age play is one way to get that.

Again, DDLG is a form of BDSM, and it’s something that gives like-minded people a lot of pleasure. These relationships are safe, consensual, and intended to function the way they do.

What Does a DDLG Relationship Look Like?

Let’s get this out of the way just in case – DDLG is a relationship that works only with consenting adults.

According to MyLittlePrincess.co, during the play, the Little Girl regresses her age. This can be done through outfits, changing her voice and behavior, or anything else that will make her portray a younger persona. The Daddy takes care of his Little, sets rules, and punishes if those same rules are broken.

The rules are often the core of these relationships because the Little Girl either gets rewarded by doing some fun activities. Or, she gets a punishment if she’s naughty. The so-called ‘punishments’ come in the form of spankings or whatever the daddy or both partners decides.

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The Little Girl can get rewarded with just about anything – from watching cartoons to daddy taking her on a trip. It all depends on the couple’s preferences.

The relationship usually gets sexual after the Little Girl breaks some of the rules (usually intentionally), and the spanking or other punishments turn to sex. This is why DDLG is considered to be part of the BDSM branch.

A common term in this relationship is ‘the caregiver,’ which ultimately is the babysitter to the Little Girl. The Daddy Dom can take up this role as well. In some relationships, there is a third party who comes in and takes the role as well.

Rules In DDLG Relationships

Rules in DDLG play are what makes the relationship fun, dynamic, and ultimately satisfying. Additionally, they are what navigate the course or the DDLG relationship.

These rules can be determined by both partners, but usually, it’s the Daddy Dom who comes up with them.

From the outside, these ‘rules’ might seem like too much. However, both the Daddy Dom and Little Girl get a lot of pleasure by playing along.

Coming up with the Rules

Coming up with the rules should be one of the most exciting parts of DDLG. Because both parties need to enjoy and benefit from these rules – coming up with them together is a good idea. However, if the Little Girl enjoys utmost submissiveness, she should let daddy do the work. In any case, the Little Girl needs to be comfortable with all the rules.

A few examples of rules in DDLG relationships:

  • No junk food;
  • No sweets or sugar;
  • Being polite to Daddy Dom;
  • No TV/Phone unless Daddy Dom allows it;
  • Finishing household chores;
  • No cursing;
  • Respecting a given bedtime;
  • Guidelines on certain behaviors;

In the same way, the couple can think of punishment for every broken rule.

Enforcing the Rules

The best way to enforce these rules is to come up with rewards if the Little Girl follows them. This makes the relationship fun, dynamic, and exciting for both parties.

There are a lot of different ideas and ways that couples enforce these rules; some of them are even covered by AgePlay.com.

What to Remember

First of all, it’s important to put pleasure as a top priority when deciding on the rules. After all, Daddy Dom Little Girl is all about spicing things up and being in an out-of-an-ordinary and exciting relationship. Try talking to your partner and discuss exactly what they would enjoy before actually starting the play.

Secondly, the little space should be a place where the Littles step in and let go of all their worries. So, for Daddy Dom, it’s his job to make sure this place is paradise comes to life.

As with any other BDSM activity, having a safe word is always a good idea. Under certain circumstances, either the daddy or the bratty little girl might want to stop the play. Having a safe word is the best way to proceed with that.

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The aftercare of some activities is crucial. Especially after sex, if the Daddy Dom has punished his Little Girl, it’s important to show support or care. This is because these activities can be emotionally and physically tiring. The daddy and the little can have a conversation outside their roles to discuss what they did or didn’t like. Also, whether they want to try something new or just to share what they thoroughly enjoyed and would like to repeat.

Why Play with the Daddy Dom Little Girl Fantasy?

We want to spice things up, don’t we?

Ultimately, people who are into a daddy dom little girl scenario enjoy setting or following these rules. It gives an extra edge over the complete play and can make things quite interesting – especially when a good girl turns bratty.

Non-Sexual DDLG

I already mentioned a couple of times throughout this article that DDLG can be non-sexual.

This comes as a surprise to many people because they think of DDLG as an extremely kinky activity. However, DDLG has a lot to do with emotional support on both sides of the relationship.

Sometimes, instead of a couple, there can be DDLG friends who go through some activities, and sex is never on the table.

Some non-sexual DDLG activities include:

  • Being sent to bed early and being read a bedtime story by Daddy Dom;
  • Watch cartoons, YouTube videos, or whatever the Little Girl enjoys the most;
  • Create a DDLG playground;
  • Indulge in drawing activities for Daddy Dom;
  • The Little Girl takes care of her chores;
  • The Daddy Dom can give his girl a bath, towel try her, and tuck her in;
  • Dress in child-like or baby clothes such as onesies, diapers, special panties;
  • Play different games or stuffed animals.

Is Non-Sexual DDLG Still a Kink?

There are many couples who indulge in DDLG activities without any sexual intentions. Due to this, there isn’t a clear line between when it is referred to as a kink and when it’s not.

These couples who take part in DDLG relationships without any sexual intentions are not part of the BDSM community in any way.

The bottom line is, that boxing the play is not as important as it is for couples to be safe and have a clear idea of what DDLG actually is.

Is DDLG Popular among Couples?

DDLG partnerships are very common all around the globe. However, not many people are aware of these relationships because most often modern society isn’t quite a safe space for them to be out in public.

There are a lot of cases where DDLG flings turn into marriages. Maintaining these relationships long-term can be quite the challenge; however, it’s definitely possible.

Additionally, there are many couples who don’t constantly stick to their roles as Daddy Dom and Little Girl but get into them when necessary. In contrast, there are other couples who are in those roles 24/7.

The Bottom Line

DDLG might not be for everyone, but it definitely is something that can spice things up and give a new edge to people who are into some of the stuff mentioned in this article.

This form of BDSM takes a lot of effort, planning, and role-playing – this is something that not everyone can pull off. However, there’s a good reason why so many people enjoy DDLG.

It’s crucial to be innovative within these relationships, especially when it comes to rules, punishments, and activities.

Communication takes a huge role in DDLG play. Without proper communication, it’s very unlikely that both sides will get the pleasure and satisfaction they’re looking for.

In the end, if this play isn’t something you’re into, it’s important not to judge or spread misconceptions about these relationships.

As long as any kink or fetish is consensual and adult-exclusive – there’s nothing wrong with it.


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